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Watching for patterns and trends

It can be lucrative if you can spot  patterns or trends. If you can be one of the first to sell the fidget spinner before they get discounted or recognise the latest fashion that is about to take off  you can make a fortune. The same is true of any market and the stock market is no exception. Patterns and trends are computer analysed and traders talk about the ‘candles’ on their charts. I don’t often use charts but they can be useful sometimes. Alliance Pharma seems to be fairly static for long periods and then it’s share price will suddenly jump either downwards or upwards for example. That is a useful trend to know about.

patterns and trends

A terrible week

I had another terrible week and the trend for my portfolio is definitely down. There isn’t much I can do. It is time to batten down the hatches and wait. Will the market get better or worse? My guess is it will slowly fall for some time to come.  The market relies on foreign investors and they have lost confidence in the UK market. The FTSE 100 is near a record high but the rest of the market is suffering. The AIM market on the whole needs investigating by the regulators.

Patterns and trends

The trend now is towards a lower oil price and a lower pound. The lower pound could bring in more investment but that is likely to go to the FTSE 100 although we might see some takeover bids coming from overseas.

Solo Oil

Solo Oil has lots of assets and I’m still waiting for it to reach 1p a share. The trend is downwards and the shares can now be bought for just 0.29p. Private investors have bought more and more shares and are hoping for that rise that should come when the company starts to make a profit. When the share price was 0.90p a share, private investors were buoyed by that and would have accepted a rights issue at that price. I suspect that rise and the subsequent fall was caused by Helium One selling shares back into the market and the market makers playing games with private investors. I’ll sit on my shares and hope they come good before I shuffle off this mortal coil.


Verona Pharma and Immupharma both have ground breaking new drugs in development and I expect when their share prices do start to rise they will soar. The trigger for that trend will be good news. Immupharma is already seeing its share price steadily increase.

Premier Foods

Premier Foods has made lots of mistakes in the past that it is trying to correct. The pattern and trends to watch in this case is in the retailing of its products. Many of them are now being replaced by own brands. They have made a start at producing gluten-free but they need to extend that to the whole range and change labelling. Their advantage is economies of scale, they can produce good products, they just need better marketing and they need to monitor demand and evolve to meet demand. Premier Foods could come good yet. It could be an exceedingly good company – if it can market its cakes like it used to.

FTSE 250

The patterns and trends of the FTSE 250 sees investment moving away from the FTSE 250 in favour of the safer FTSE 100. I see some interest now because prices have been depressed. I bought Carillion on the strength of new contracts and now they are attracting attention and their share price is climbing. The AA and Debenhams aren’t such attractive propositions but both have potential.

FTSE 100

Lloyds seems to be a bargain now but they suffer because of constant bad news. If the bad news isn’t about them, then it is elsewhere in the banking sector. It is worth watching those trends. If the share price is down and the news doesn’t directly pertain to Lloyds, just the sector, then that could be a buying opportunity. Tesco also suffers on bad news but at last ITV seems to be looking like a better investment and attracting some buyers. ITV is a prime target for a takeover which could come very soon.

That’s it for this week. I doubt if I will be trading any time soon. I’ll batten down the hatches, watch those patterns and trends and hope one of my AIM shares soars while I wait for the political and economic uncertainty to abate.

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