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We might be killed in the rush #art #photography

When the art galleries open again we might get killed in the rush as the hoards head for a bit of culture. Oh no, that’s pubs isn’t it and the rush to enjoy a pint! I don’t see people rushing to art galleries but they will be trying to encourage us or at least the kids. After all, they have to justify themselves as they put in their next bid for Arts Council funding. This is my attempt at art which is unfunded by the Arts Council.

killed in the rush

Killed in the rush?

I don’t think people would be killed in the rush to go see this picture but they might just visit my local art gallery if I had an exhibition of pictures and they could get some free art cards. Yes, people could actually become involved and appreciate art that connects to them. I recently attended an online art auction where artworks sold for millions of pounds. They were by well-known artists, I assume. I didn’t recognise any names and I didn’t know or know of any of them.

Rich friends

I’m sure they all have or had rich friends and I’m sure many of the bidders at that auction were spending money from public galleries. In other words public money. Private money does go into buying works of art but it is public money that drives the art market. Art can be a good investment for rich private collectors. I once reviewed an art exhibition for a private wealth fund looking to buy up the works of one photographer before it gets too expensive.

Art Market

Why isn’t there an art market for poorer people? I suppose there is, we tend to buy cheap crap. I suppose even the rock posters on many a teenager’s bedroom walls could be considered art. I think many poorer people and even Britain’s middle class are content with family photos and mass-produced tat from Ikea. I have sold prints and art cards in the past but generally speaking, artists struggle to sell anything. Perhaps we should concentrate more on selling and creating a market than actually creating art?

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