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When I started this website I thought I had a zillion ideas and I wouldn’t run out of ideas to write about. The advice is often to stick to one genre, but I thought I can write about a few things and encourage other writers to write guest posts. So far I have one guest writer and three more thinking about it! Ideas are important, they are inspired and they grow and that leads to innovation, then innovation leads to prosperity.

In the UK, it seems there is fewer ideas and less innovation. People aren’t inspired. The days of people programming their own computers in BASIC and even playing games on them seems to be over. It’s all updating your Facebook page with a smart phone now. The phones seem smarter than the people using them! We have lots of television channels on Free-view, but all the decent television programs appear to go on pay to view.

Education seems to lack ideas. What do kids learn in media studies? They aren’t learning to program computers or even make a decent video. I read a job advertisement this week and it required applicants to be able to deal with high rate customers. Does that mean offering the high rate customers special privileges, a choice between Chanel and Dior perhaps? I think kids in school need to be taught some basic finance so they can handle their money and invest it wisely when they grow up. They might grow up to be politicians or bureaucrats in which case they might learn how to handle our money more wisely.

Many years ago integrity was encouraged, the phrase “my word is my bond” was used. It was important to maintain a reputation as an honest and reliable person. These days people seem to admire greed and avarice over honesty and reliability. This change to immorality seems to encouraged, if not led by television and the media. The success of 50 Shades of Grey seems to suggest a lack of morality. Integrity is about abiding by a set of unwritten rules, are we now to have a free for all where nothing is frowned on, where we just accept everything as ‘normal behaviour’. There does seem to be a section of society that will accept just about all behaviour, regardless of how bad it is. There is also a section of society that scorns anyone who is different or who behaves differently.

Ideas set us apart, they make us individuals rather than sheep in a herd doing as we’re told. We get ideas from inspiration. I find inspiration in all kinds of things. I find most inspiration when I go out taking photographs. I find ideas on a trip to the supermarket. I find ideas, helping friends and talking to friends. I find ideas using the internet and to a much lesser extent watching television. We are social animals and so we do copy one another. We copy the characters we see on television that we perhaps relate to. We even imitate them in our daily lives. Who among us hasn’t used some catch phrase that we picked up watching the idiot box? “Beam me up, Scotty,” springs to mind.

In every day work, people are given a job to do and are not really encouraged to have ideas. Most people just go to work day in and day out for the money and are grateful when Friday comes around. Some companies could encourage staff to have ideas and out of those would come innovation. It tends to be encouraged in certain sections of the company, in higher management perhaps. This is about freedom to express ourselves as individuals too. If companies allowed more freedom of expression and allowed people to experiment more and allowed them to make more mistakes; that would drive innovation.

I need more guest bloggers for a zillion ideas. Do you have an idea? Do you have knowledge to share? Do you have photographs to share? Maybe you have a thought or an opinion to share? You can send your ideas to us at the email address in the sidebar and at the bottom of the page. You can also comment using the comment box.

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