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A wealth of opportunity? #finance

When we talk about wealth, we think in terms of money but we have our own little world and the environment we live in can be one of a wealth of experiences. The alternative is culturally deprived environment where there is no art or music to stimulate the mind. It can be an environment devoid of books and all that reading material that allows us to be informed and make informed choices.

wealth of opportunity

Versions of the truth

There are people in positions of power who peddle versions of the truth and who don’t want us checking the facts. Their truth is actually all lies based on their slanted view of the issues.  Let’s open a new shopping centre, it will create jobs! The truth is shopping centres are closing down and are in a period of decay thanks to online shopping. The truth about membership of the EU is even scarier. The EU spend huge sums of money ensuring the drugs we use are safe, they do that for all the member nations and it is cost-effective. Collaboration on many other things means the EU is cost-effective. Leaving the EU will cost us money not save us money. Why leave? The power-hungry have tried to turn the EU into a United States of Europe, that needs to be resisted and the British aren’t the only ones resisting.

A wealth of opportunity

There will be a wealth of opportunity in 2019 for those people who don’t believe the bullshit being fed to us. Yes, we had the beast from the east earlier this year and it was bloody cold. The likelihood of another big freeze this winter is high according to the Daily Express who love to print exaggerated weather warnings. In reality, the weather this winter will be forecast by the Met Office who use supercomputers to do forecasts which is a bit more reliable than asking the tea boy for his opinion. We can’t live our lives based on information that is so unreliable. We can’t rely on the Daily Express for opinions on the weather, the Telegraph for opinions on national issues or the Sun for opinions on anything.


Your decisions going into 2019 should be based on facts not the opinions of overpaid hacks. If you want to see a wealth of opportunity, just look around you. Stop and look, stop and listen. The loudest voices are the ones trying to convince you, resist! The truth speaks for itself. Many decisions should be based on simple a premise. Is this the right thing to do? Is this the cautious thing to do? Is this too big a risk? Ask questions and try to find answers, don’t be a sheep and follow the crowd. Think for yourself.

Health is wealth

As you walk around the supermarket, see the fresh fruit and vegetables as an opportunity to improve your health. See the sugar and junk food as a threat to your wellbeing. Make a choice. Ignore the loud voices telling you to choose wrongly. Good health is wealth and there will be a wealth of opportunity to become healthier. Become more informed about how to become healthier. Ignore the loud voices and the advertising and listen to that inner voice that tells you to choose the right thing.

Choosing the right thing should perhaps be the mantra for 2019. We tend to make the right choice when we make informed choices so choose first of all to be better informed.

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