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Wednesbury and beyond #ramble

It’s Sunday morning again and so I will dig deep into the darkest recesses of my mind and share my thoughts with you once again. What’s on my mind this morning? I need a title for this post to begin with and a picture; I always use a picture… Maybe one from yesterday, when I was up Wednesbury market?

Wednesbury BID - balloon modelling at the launch

Business Improvement

I helped with the launch of our Business Improvement District yesterday and we had a face painter and colourfully dressed balloon modeller for the kids. This guy in the tee-shirt walked through my shot and it amused me so I took the shot anyway. I was wearing the ‘vote yes’ to encourage local traders to vote yes for the new initiative. The BID will be a good thing if we can get all the funding and use it wisely.

Sunday Outing

It’s a bit cool today but I plan on an outing to take photos. I still need a title for this post. The problem is I need one I haven’t used before and I’ve written something like 1200 posts. I also need one that satisfies Google and gives me a chance of being found on what has now become the massive database, we call the internet. Where can I go today? I have Wednesbury and beyond to choose from and a new car to go in. Well, not exactly new but a newish pre-loved car. I think my brolly is still in the car from yesterday and I might need it.

Public relations

My role yesterday was public relations or to be more exact, publicist. I also do that for the small charity that is organising events in our wonderful Victorian Park. Wednesbury is very Victorian and that is an asset we need to capitalise on. For the BID to work I think we need to use all the resources that we have to maximum advantage. That includes our wonderful park, the town hall with its spacious hall for events and our museum and art gallery which has for some years been underused and only opened a few afternoons each week. We need to see these resources as opportunities. I can make Wednesbury look good and inviting to prospective shoppers and tourists but we need more than that. We need to look around and if there is a bit of grot, we need to clean it up. If there is a dead bit on a tree we need to prune it. In fact, we need to prune all the dead bits out of Wednesbury and allow it to grow and flourish.

Critical thinking

Most university students have at some point been advised to adopt critical thinking. Don’t take anything for granted and explore all possibilities. This is a smart way of thinking and of course, you have to be smart to go to university. We should never bury our heads in the sand or adopt a position in life that can’t be changed. People who vow allegiance to a particular cause or worse a particular idea, bind themselves in chains and throw away their freedom to something that might change as society changes.

Lupus erythematosus (SLE)

Yes, amongst other things I suffer from lupus which is why my I was using a stick yesterday. My hip was painful because my arthritis had flared up. There are other symptoms to LSE, I can’t turn my neck properly to reverse my car and so have to rely on the mirrors. Lupus is just one of many problems but I still manage to get out and do things. We have to make the best of what we have, even if it is difficult. I shall have laser eye surgery next month which will improve my life, I’ll be able to edit my photos better!

Wednesbury and Beyond

That is all my thoughts for today. Now I can devote myself to deciding where to go after lunch. I don’t want to walk around very much. I have a few places to choose from, Wednesbury and beyond includes a few parks and nature reserves.

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