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Wednesbury Carnival 2015 today!


It’s Wednesbury Carnival today, aye it? This is the highlight of the year in the heart of the Black Country. Pat Collins fun fair will be on and there will be the lots of local organisations represented.  The History of Wednesbury Facebook page admins and fans should be there too.

Wednesbury Carnival 2015

I’m one of the admins of the History page, but Tia Maria is the other one and she said she would try to make it too; she usually does. All the amateur historians gather next to Wednesbury Garden Services. I’ll be going around taking photos, but I might sit and chat if I have a seat to sit on. I’m going to try to bring a couple of chairs as well as my camera equipment. I hope I can find a parking space nearby, I can’t walk far – I might wear my hip replacement out!

Wednesbury CC v Midland Conference (92)

I went to the Sports Union Ground on Wednesday and photographed a cricket match. I’ve been meaning to photograph sports, but wanted a amateur football match or cricket. I didn’t want too many people around that might pose a risk to my camera! The pictures turned out quite good. I had in mind what I needed to do and that was try to get my subject in focus on a fast shutter speed and capture the action. It worked quite well. Some members of the team asked me to upload more pictures on Facebook and I think I have about 150 on there now. I bought a couple of lenses last year, a 18 – 105mm and a 55 – 300 mm lens. I used the 300 mm for the cricket and I’ll use the 105 mm over the weekend for the events. I have another event tomorrow as well as today’s carnival.

There will be more events next week as part of the Black Country Festival. I’ll probably go to the Gallery square on Saturday and the Arboretum extension on Sunday for the Classic Car show. There’s a vintage fair on at West Bromwich Manor House next Saturday and Sunday too.

On the 25th and 26th of July, there is No Fit State Circus on, in the Gallery Square at Walsall and on the 26th a Fun Day at Victoria Park Tipton. I’m spoiled for choice aye I?

If you’re at today’s carnival, say hello and I might take your photo! Remember, you can follow me on Twitter or subscribe to this blog.

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