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Wednesbury Christmas Lights switch-on #photography

XMAS LIGHTS 2015 (20)

I photographed the Christmas Lights switch-on in Wednesbury on Friday. As you can see from this photo, it was dark and it was wet. To add to everything I had to do with camera settings, I also had a new Speedlight to set and I needed to keep the camera dry. The Speedlight is an external flash.

XMAS LIGHTS 2015 (34)

The best thing to do at events is to zoom in with a wide aperture and get close up shots. I was a little too far away for this shot, I would have like it sharper and the background blurred. The Speedlight did give me enough light, though. You can pay about £400 for a Nikon Speedlight, but a Neewer Speedlight is a fraction of the price and mine came with a remote control for studio work.

XMAS LIGHTS 2015 (123)

The celebrity entertaining the crowd and switching on the lights this year was Ray Quinn, another X-Factor star. For this shot, the flash was controlled through the lens (e-TTL) by the light meter and was a direct flash. It was impossible to judge whether I had enough light. I had enough problems with the umbrella blowing in the wind.

XMAS LIGHTS 2015 (152)

The Speedlight competes against the stage lighting which in this case was giving a pink glow. In this shot, you can see one of the dignitaries was wearing a red coat. That was like a neon sign in some of the shots. I actually used decolour to tone down some of the bright colours in editing.

XMAS LIGHTS 2015 (145)

The flash didn’t go off for this shot. The Speedlight has to charge and a light comes on to tell me it’s charged. You can’t really keep checking the light or you miss shots and in the rain you’re struggling anyway. I just changed this picture to black and white and added a little green/yellow tint.

XMAS LIGHTS 2015 (196)

The weather has been stormy, but I will go back and photograph the Christmas lights around town. They are bigger this year so I might get some good shots. The best time to photograph them will be just after it gets dark when there is still a little natural light. I can use a narrower aperture and get more depth of field.

I have been invited to another Christmas lights switch-on, this time indoors. That will be much easier to photograph, but again it will be close to the Friday afternoon rush hour so I have to consider getting through the traffic.

I’ll be doing more posts about using a Speedlight soon. You can find the Neewer Speedlight on Amazon.

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