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Wednesbury fundraising event #photography

Wednesbury poet, Brendan Hawthorne

I wrote about the fundraising event I photographed at the weekend on Monday. I’ll talk more about the photography today. Most cameras have ‘scene’ modes and I used the sports mode for most of my shots at this event.

The sports setting, is for fast movement and adjusts the camera settings quickly. The white balance, iso, aperture and shutter speed needs to be quickly adjusted between shots and there isn’t the time to do this manually. The automatic function also uses a light meter to do those settings. I did use manual for a few shots after I had a good stock of pictures and could take my time.

I used the 18 – 105mm lens so I had a good range and tried to get close up shots as much as possible.

At Wednesbury church hall

I prefer the candid shots to having people pose, they are more relaxed and you can catch those moments of laughter or some other emotion.


I can set my camera for images that are 6000px by 4000px which is great for posters, but I usually have it set on small for the internet. I changed it to medium for this event and it allowed my to crop quite a lot of some images in editing. I also added contrast and made many images lighter to adjust for different skin tones. I also added my copyright notice!

Wednesbury vicar Tim Vasby-Burnie with Bally and Brendan

In this picture, I had three very different skin tones, so just had to make it lighter,  so as to compromise. I think it worked quite well. Again zooming in close helped to get a sharper image.


I used one of the ‘film’ effect on PhotoScape for this picture. It makes it look a little more theatrical.


This was probably my best shot of the night and I did a colour version and then tried it in greyscale. There is even room for an autograph!

There will be more events like this in the church hall at Wednesbury, so come along and take pictures.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Mike, Very cool. I like how you got candid shots that seem so natural. Much better than posed shots but you still composed the photos well. You have a clear view of everyone. No one is blocked by another person or object.

    My favourite photo is the bottom one. Did you eliminate the background with editing? That looks like a classic album cover!

    May 27, 2015 at 19:02

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I did have problems with people getting blocked by others, especially the drummer. I got him in a shot and he bent down to pick something up! The bass player was separate from the others so I had to change my position and stand in front of the audience for that shot, but got him against the white background. I changed that picture to grey scale, I thought it looked a little more unique in grey scale.

      I got to know the local vicar and a few more people and enjoyed the music, so it was quite a successful evening. I’ll help publicise the next event more. 🙂

      May 28, 2015 at 15:37

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