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Wednesbury pictures #photography

Hydes Pool Wednesbury

We have very changeable weather in the Black Country. This photo was taken just over a year ago on a sunny day in February and is Hydes Pool in Wednesbury; where I live. Sometimes taking a landscape like this on a sunny day can be hard.

The sky is very light and so you decide on a narrow aperture and then you have a light sky, but the rest of the image is dark. You can fix that problem with a graduated filter. I had just bought some filters when I took this photo and so tried a shot with one of the new filters fitted.

I thought this picture was quite artistic and so I edited it with Photoscape and added a border. Photoscape is a free download and quite useful for artistic edits.

Wednesbury Art Gallery

Wednesbury art gallery and museum

The weather wasn’t very good this time last year, so I took a few pictures indoors. This artistic shot was taken in Wednesbury’s museum and art gallery.

I like the way the natural light came in through the door to light up this room. Always try to take pictures without using a flash, especially in art galleries and historic buildings. One flash of light might not do too much damage, but if every visitor did it, the combined effect would fade or even destroy the paintings.

I took this photo on the Birmingham canal last September, when they had a boat festival at Tipton. There will be a narrow-boat gathering this weekend in the same place, so I’ll be there again on Easter Sunday photographing those. The narrow-boats are very colourful against the often drab backdrop of the canal.

By a strange coincident I was made an admin of the History of Wednesbury Facebook group last weekend, so my photography will be more focused now on the history and culture of Wednesbury. The scenes I photograph today will be tomorrow’s history…

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