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Community photography

Wednesbury ramble


Today’s picture looks like a nice landscape with the Wednesbury rugby players and the tallest goal posts in the world, but it was freezing. That was yesterday afternoon. I woke at 3am unable to breathe, my cold was so bad. I’m thinking of going out to photograph the St George’s Day parade this morning. Am I crazy? I probably am! 


I don’t travel far from Wednesbury and tend to go out on a Sunday while the roads are quieter. I need to be in position for the parade today by around 11am and allow 10 minutes at least for the drive there. The parade goes to Dartmouth park in West Bromwich, but I won’t be going there. I intend to keep as warm as possible and then head home back to a hot lunch. It’s still only 5C, brrr…


I suppose we all need some recognition for what we do and I need to serve the community and this is all I can do. It’s all I’m good at, writing and photography. I’m useless at many other things. I could stay at home and mow the lawn but I would still freeze and just getting the lawn mower out is a trial in itself.

People who are different

I’ve been thinking a lot about people who are different. The geek who doesn’t quite fit in at school who goes on to become a Nobel prize winning scientist. It is often the same with businessmen, artists and so on. Some fake it, though. They have money and so can throw a can of Dulux at a wall and call it art and get away with it. Politicians fake it too, they are mostly idiots. They have a university degree, but it’s often in history or some arty subject and then when they get to a position of power they declare we need more scientists. I have known some fake scientists who practice a sort of pseudo-science that is very blue sky and theoretical but has no practical purpose. We need people who are different. The geeky ones bring us new scientific discoveries and the ones who are different because of disability or other social disadvantage remind us of our vulnerability and duty to help one another.

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