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Weekend photo shoot

CARNIVAL 2015 weekend

Weekend shoot

I was taking photos all last weekend, at Wednesbury Carnival on Saturday and again on Sunday when there was a memorial horse drive from Tipton to Darlaston. It’s the Black Country Festival all this month and so I’ll be out next weekend too! It’s the Walsall town festival next weekend with even more events across the Black Country.

CARNIVAL 2015 (11)

I started about 1 pm on Saturday and the light was bright, but harsh. The pictures tend to have a bluish tinge to them and when I was editing, the computer added warmth when I clicked auto correct. The autocorrect feature of Windows Photo Gallery is useful, but doesn’t always level the photo as well as you can do it manually.

CARNIVAL 2015 (132)

Landscape style scenes like this are good for showing how popular the event was, but I really wanted close ups.

CARNIVAL 2015 (148)

I like this image better and the bubbles gave it an usual effect.

CARNIVAL 2015 (158)

I won a cuddly toy and so got my close-up. Then I had to carry the cuddly toy around with me!

CARNIVAL 2015 (224)

The bright light lends itself to fast shutter speeds and so I took advantage of the action. It was the same all weekend. The light improves as the afternoon goes on, becoming a warmer light. We advance our clocks one hour in summer in the UK and so 1 pm is really midday and the midday sun is quite harsh. The best time in summer is in the evening, but then you have to be aware of long shadows.  I had better pictures around 4pm on Sunday.

I was taking photos all weekend and intended to add photos from both photo shoots.  Due to technical problems, the photos at the end will just be the carnival ones. I’ll use some from the horse drive another day.   You can follow this blog using the widget at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can click the first picture below to bring up the carousel. Thanks for reading…

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