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Weekend photography #photography

Last weekend, I went out looking for something unusual to photograph. We think of landscape photography as being woodland or picturesque fields out in open countryside but there are interesting landscapes in our towns and cities too. Last weekend, I found myself sitting in the car watching cars going around a roundabout and took some shots with a 55 – 300mm lens.

weekend photos

Colourful subjects

Cars, like narrowboats, make colourful subjects against a bland background. I chose this location because of the autumnal backdrop to photographing the cars. I obviously needed to get down low and so sat in the car in a lay-by near the roundabout and zoomed in. I tried different apertures but they were mostly wide to get the fast shutter speed and I tried increasing the ISO for the same reason. My depth of field wasn’t too narrow for this shot but the trees start to be blurred further from the camera. The car is slightly blurred which gives an impression of movement.


Street scene

The cars in this street scene were easier to photograph and it makes an interesting image. There is a contrast in the scene between traditional terraced houses and the modern look of the cars and satellite dishes.  On Sunday, I decided to try taking photos of the cars on the motorway.

weekend photography onthe M6 motorway

M6 Motorway

I took this shot from a bridge high above the M6 motorway. The light kept changing as the sun came out behind the clouds and then it would be obscured again. This was shooting northbound so I had the sun behind me. I was shooting on aperture priority and lost the light for this shot but it worked quite well. Next time, I think I will shoot on shutter priority and set the shutter speed quite fast and so at least get the cars closest to me in sharp focus.

m6 motorway

M6 Motorway

I shot this quite narrow at f/18 and the idea was to get the road and signs in focus. I was shooting towards the sun and although it was behind the cloud it was still quite bright. I thought a slow shutter speed might make the cars blur slightly and give a feeling of speed. That is Junction 10 of the M6 ahead and I was on the bridge just north of the junction.


That was my weekend. What did you shoot? If you found today’s post useful you can subscribe by entering you email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. There are also links on my Facebook page.

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