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Welcome to Wednesbury #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you, such as they are. I’m planning another outing to take photos because I think it’ll be a nice day. On Friday the 6th of July, which is just over 2 weeks time, I’m having an evening out at Mecca Bingo in Wednesbury for their Legends of Darts evening. It’s not that often I go out in the evening so that’ll make a nice change. We will welcome to Wednesbury, four champion dart players.

Welcome to Wednesbury

Welcome to Wednesbury

I took this photo yesterday because I knew it would be controversial. Generally speaking, it isn’t the truth, most of us see the word Sandwell as representing centralisation and bureaucracy. I was made an admin of the Sandwell Pride of Place Project. It isn’t easy being enthusiastic about Sandwell when like many other people I don’t like the bureaucracy either. I drove onto a bus lane in West Bromwich recently, in order to gain access to a disabled car park. I came out of the car park and drove through a bus gate. What the hell is a bus gate? I got a fine. I explained and hit the wall of bureaucracy. Their feigned socialism and inclusivity don’t extend to people like me who actually live here. Rules are rules and ignorance of their petty rules is no excuse unless you happen to be from another country and the target of positive discrimination.


Brexit is a disaster and borne out of frustration with the Europhile obsession with rules and bureaucracy. There was no flexibility, no pragmatism, just rules, directives and European-wide laws. The blinding omission was common-sense. Sandwell is a bureaucratic machine from the same stable. Dreamed up by socialist dreamers who have lost contact with reality. No, I am not a right-wing fascist, that can’t see the advantages of European standards and collaboration. They only understand dog-eat-dog competition. I see a lot of good things in the EU but they will be the authors of their own destruction.


People seemed to have acquired that French habit of hugging and kissing each other.  Is this an unpleasant result of their foreign travel and Europhilia?  What other unpleasant habits have they picked up? I keep getting my personal space invaded by persistent huggers. What if people with personal hygiene problems decide to adopt this lifestyle craze? Things catch on quite quickly, someone rips their jeans and five minutes later everyone is wearing ripped jeans. Not me, obviously… Not on purpose anyway…

It is a strange world that we live in filled with huggers, Europhiles and people who pay other people to put grotesque inky designs on their bodies and so become accepted into the weird world of the tattooed. No one knows what normal is anymore, we are all weird and some would say wonderful in the 21st century. Welcome to Wednesbury…

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