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What a fiasco! #ramble

It is Sunday morning once again and so I’ll share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? Well, at the back of most people’s minds is Brexit. What a fiasco! I think the damage has been done now to the value of our currency, to our trade prospects and to our standing in the international community. Boris and his elitist cronies are largely to blame and we are drifting aimlessly towards a general election with no effective opposition. There is always an opportunity, however. This time for the Liberal Democrats and Scottish Nationalists if they can get their act together.

what a fiasco


I have this picture in the Sandwell Pride of Place Project exhibition in West Bromwich. I like it, it sort of tells a story or at least it would be easy to tell a story about it or even write a poem based on the picture.  It’s technically good too. I have to try to go and see that exhibition and take some photos. I took a lot of photos yesterday just to see what my new camera was capable of. It does take good photos at very high ISO settings so I’ll try using those settings more, it will be better than flash photography.

What a fiasco

The government’s handling of the benefits system has caused homelessness and increased poverty so our food bank is in crisis and running out of food. I went to the launch of a food drive to encourage donations and took a few photos. The government policies are bad but what a fiasco local politics are in with deep divisions in the Labour party. With both major political parties deeply divided and the people divided over Brexit, is anyone working towards unifying the country? I don’t think so! Personal greed and ambition seem to be the driving forces.

My little world

I shall try to avoid thinking about those big issues and think about my health which is my big issue. I’ll go for another test next week which should shine a little more light on the problem and help me get referred to the correct specialist. I have a couple of photo-shoots lined up before then. I think I’ll take some photos today too just to record a little history before changes take place. I need to explore a little too, road layouts change and I can’t commit the new ones to memory so easily. I might explore around West Bromwich town centre today. What a fiasco the planners made of the road layout around there!

The weather

It has just started raining again which could spoil my plans for today.  I can cope with poor light but I’m not taking photos in the rain. The one day when it’s not chaos on the roads and it has to rain! The forecast is for sun and showers so I’ll be optimistic and hope it clears this afternoon.

It’s enough to drive you nuts

Politics, the constant rain and the crazy road layouts are enough to drive you nuts but we just about survive it all. I watched Casualty on BBC 1 last night. The patients were having panic attacks and so too was the consultant in charge. That is a sad reflection on what is happening in society. Is there anyone left who isn’t suffering from PTSD?

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