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What a good idea? #ramble #photography

There are around 100 billion neurons in the human brain and as usual, I’ll let you into mine this morning and share my thoughts with you. I took photos at the Safer 6 event this week and decided to use a 55 – 300mm lens which isn’t ideal but it allowed me to get a shallow depth of field and some interesting photos. I think it was a good idea.


Snap decision

This well-dressed gentleman walked into my shot and I made a snap decision to photograph him. I really like the photograph. I think this style of photography would suit me. I don’t like getting too close to my subjects and invading their personal space and so candid shots with a long lens are great. I have been considering buying a Nikon D750 with a 28 – 300 lens which would be very expensive but ideal for this type of shot.

Expensive idea

That might be a good idea but it is an expensive idea so I’ll think about it and consider it next year. I can be patient. Many people these days can’t wait they must have their new toys today and will borrow at expensive interest rates. That is not a good idea!

What a good idea?

I have a lot of ideas, hence the name of my website. My idea to have art cards printed was a good idea and they are selling slowly. I’ve recovered 75% of the printing costs. The profit margin was high because I had so many printed. Everyone who has bought them is pleased with the quality. I can keep selling them and finding sellers for years to come and they will become more collectable and sought after in the future. Once I have recovered all the printing costs it doesn’t really matter how long it takes to sell the cards. We have a photography festival next year which could present some opportunities.

Good ideas are not enough if I can’t carry them out to their conclusion and that is my problem now as my health keeps deteriorating. The winter will be tough because the weather affects me but I can still hope that next year when the weather improves will be better. I can still work on good ideas for next spring and summer. I’m going to try to photograph a church today, just to see if I can get a clear shot in the right direction. I suspect that it isn’t possible to get a clear shot of the front of the church without shooting in a northerly direction which could give a very flat image. I will need some cloud to get a really good shot. I want the church covered in snow, too! It’s a great idea but an almost impossible idea. I’ll still plan my shot today.


Psychopaths lack empathy for other people. They exploit other people’s vulnerabilities. I’m the opposite, but I find Villanelle in Killing Eve (BBC One) interesting. Despite being a psychopath she comes across as vulnerable too. In real life, that would make her doubly dangerous and attractive in a dangerous sort of way, too.  The series is very well written by someone who understands the conflict between the cold psychopathic thinking and that child-like vulnerability. The story is based on Luke Jennings’ “Codename Villanelle” novella. Perhaps that’s why it is so fast-paced? Fast-paced novellas are in fashion these days, we don’t have time to read lots of filler.

Many of my ideas come from reading.

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