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What are you pointing your camera at? #photography

So, what are you pointing your camera at? We all have different ideas about photography and for many people, it’s about taking selfies with their camera-phones. Whatever we take photos of we can share them on social media and in doing so, we share our lives. If you’re serious about photography you might also start an archive of your photos and save them for future generations.

what are you pointing your camera at?

Black Country Day

It’s Black Country Day today, (14th of July) but there are few events going on due to Covid-19. I took the above picture at a Black Country Day event in Darlaston a few years ago. I asked the gentleman if I could take his picture and it’s an interesting portrait. Not everyone agrees to have their photo taken but I suspect this gentleman was quite happy with his appearance. He obviously took some trouble to look stylish.

What are you pointing your camera at?

Whatever you’re pointing your camera at, you’re making a record of something. It is a visual record and if you add words it makes it an even more powerful reminder. The image can stand alone and still have some impact when shared with others. Sharing online is easy and the most common way of sharing in the 21st century. Exhibitions of photos are a way of sharing those special photographs that we choose to show off our skill as artists. Yes, photographers are artists and it does take some skill to get the exposure just right and get a sharp and pleasing image. Images are also emotional. They can bring out the empathy in us or the horror. We see happy seaside images and the sadness of suffering in the images that photographers bring to us.


If you’re serious about photography, you can photography everything and anything or you can choose a genre to specialise in. Landscape photography is popular and so too is wildlife photography and portraiture. You choose what to point your camera at and you can then refine your skill.

That’s all for this week. I’ll end with a selection of pictures. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address in one of the spaces provided or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts. Those links are also on my Facebook page.


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