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What can we do about climate change?

Climate change is just one of many problems that the world faces. What can we do about climate change? Here in the UK, we are limited in what action we can take. We can cut travel and encourage people to walk more. It is a fact that we don’t get enough exercise and it would be much healthier for children to walk to school.

What can we do about climate change?


It would be sensible for schools to ban parking except for disabled people who they could provide parking for. The disabled need help getting around and so a lot more disabled parking spaces everywhere would be helpful. The able-bodied could be given more incentives to walk, take public transport or take a taxi. Drink driving isn’t the problem it used to be but it is still a problem and so encouraging people to take a taxi for an evening out would help to reduce emissions as taxi firms use more and more electric vehicles. Bus, tram and taxi fares need to be much cheaper and that could be paid for by higher taxes on diesel and petrol.

Air travel

Air travel has allowed people to escape our cold weather and go to sunnier climes for holidays but at a cost to the climate. Is it time to cut down on flights and on extensions to our airports? Certainly short shuttle flights in the UK could be cut drastically.

The Internet

Facebook has recently launched a video chat service but couldn’t our technology be adapted so we don’t need special equipment? Couldn’t an add-on to our televisions allow video chat? We also need to encourage people to communicate more using the internet. Telephone and internet consultations with a doctor should be much easier. Other professionals should also offer their services via the internet including Members of Parliament.


Overall, planting trees is our best hope of halting climate change. The UK can plant trees but we have limited space to do so. We could invest in tree planting in other countries, however. The USA is probably the best country to launch a massive tree planting exercise. The big problem as we look at planting trillions of trees for carbon capture will probably be lack of water. We need to look at using the water resources we have more effectively and find ways to produce more supplies for irrigation of desert areas.

Rain forests

We should also invest in the rain forests and stop the destruction before it’s too late. Financial institutions need to issue long term bonds to raise money to invest in protecting our rain forests. They not only capture carbon, they also have a diverse mix of wildlife that could offer us new medicines in the future and much more.

Global temperatures

We must act now to stop the rise in global temperatures. Hoping to get a miracle technological solution in the future won’t work, neither will pinning our hopes on electric cars.

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