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What could possibly go wrong? #ramble

It’s Sunday morning again and so, as usual, I share my innermost thoughts with the world. What’s on my mind this morning? Spelling for one thing and things that might go wrong. I also have photography on my mind as it’s Sunday and my day to go out. Today I plan to go to a canal festival. What could go wrong? I could fall the canal and drown. I could drop my camera in the canal. There are a million things that might go wrong!

Tipton-Canal-and-Community-Festival-what could go wrong


Teresa May reminded Jeremy Corbyn that they both went to grammar school as a way of justifying her support for them. That is not really reliable evidence, is it? It’s based on personal experience which isn’t always reliable. One of my friends texted me close to midnight last night to say he had witnessed a motorcycle crash and the rider had died at the scene. I’m sure that rider had lots of experience and didn’t expect to die this weekend but broader evidence suggests that riding a motorcycle is dangerous. We also have to take into account how devastating an event could be when things do go wrong. A car crash is bad enough but the odds of survival are much better. Look at the history of nuclear power and it has a good safety record, but as demonstrated by the Chernobyl disaster and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster of 2011; it can be devastating when it does go wrong.

Negative thinking

Yes, I do tend to think negatively when assessing the risks associated with events. Is that such a bad thing? When bad things happen at least I’m not shocked by it. My personal experiences are such that I tend to think that if it can go wrong, it probably will. Life is unpredictable, the weather is unpredictable and people are unpredictable. We have to plan in advance, but our plans shouldn’t be set in stone. We need to be flexible and we need to be cautious. I’ll stay away from the water’s edge today and I won’t be taking any boat trips. I’ll drive carefully and wear a seatbelt and won’t sample the goods at the beer festival, much as I would like to.

An easy life

People like Teresa May think more positively than me but they still have their fears that produce some negativity. While her early experiences of attending grammar school smartly turned out in a uniform that made her fit into that middle-class cultural environment was a happy experience, she would have been deeply influenced by it. That early brainwashing would undoubtedly explain her enthusiasm for grammar schools now. Jeremy Corbyn, on the other hand, being more of a rebel, probably had a less pleasant time and so tends to think much less positively. An easy life makes you think positively and hard life tends to make you think more negatively and it all starts in childhood when our beliefs about our world are being formed.

It could all go wrong

I’m one of the negative thinkers and so I expect it all to go wrong and so I’m quite relieved when we can actually cope with the minor disasters of life. I’m also quite good at predicting when things are likely to go wrong. The weather doesn’t look too good for my day out today, but that means fewer people will want to go. That means more parking spaces, fewer cars on the road and a less crowded event. See, out of my negativity can come positive conclusions.

Anyway, I’ll just play it by ear today.

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I forgot to mention spelling, that’s another grate subject I can save for next week!

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