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What is art in 2015?


I’ve been thinking about art today. What is art? The dictionary defines art as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

Is photography art? Are those holiday snaps you took on your drunken holiday in Ibiza; art? I don’t think snaps can really be regarded as art. It’s not really creative, it’s doesn’t take much skill or imagination does it? Can you photography of the more skilled photographer who composes a picture and then does post shoot editing to create a image, count as art? I think it does, he  or she isn’t just making a visual record they are creating a work that people might appreciate.

Is art just for appreciation? is it just necessary to create a nice picture people will want to look at? Does it need to provoke an emotional response? We do look at pictures and admire the skill of the artist or get drawn into the image as we imagine other worlds that the artist introduces us to.

Lowry wasn’t considered a great artist, but his images did take us into the streets of another age. The genius of his matchstick men, create an impression, because they were in perfect proportion to the rest of the picture

The definition of creativity is, “the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.”

Can we all be creative? Can we all be artists?

When I created this image, I tried to take the viewer back to a bygone age, before steam. To an age when inventiveness was coming to the fore and goods were being transported throughout Britain using canals It was a time before the steam age gave the country it’s railways and long before the motor car and motorways. It makes us think of a calmer, quieter way of life. In the 18th century, life was very hard for many people. Those canals had to be dug by hand by thousands of men. The images we create are a product of our imagination, not of our reality. By taking a portion of life and making it an image, we make it appear that all life can be like that. We take a snippet of beauty to suggest that all is beautiful.

Art can take is into different worlds; into the world of Vincent Van Gogh or the world of Leonardo da Vinci. It can take us into the past or the future; into the world of the rich and privileged or the world of poor and deprived.

Art also take many forms, as we create using many different mediums. Art isn’t just images created with paint or pixels, but can also be music, dance and the written word. Art is versatile and it’s only bounds are the human imagination. The imagination is fired as we are inspired to create by our environment. What did John Constable think and feel as he created images of English landscapes? Was he trying to simply capture what was there or create something even more beautiful? There are many stormy skies in his paintings. Why? Did he like storms or was he just trying to make the images thought provoking and exciting?

What do you think of art? Are you inspired to create something? You are probably doing so already without even realising it. Even doodling on a piece of scrap paper can become art, if it is taken a little bit further. Art always seems to need taking that little bit further.

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