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What use is art anyway? #photography #media #art

Sometimes people ask, what is the use of art anyway? Media studies has also provoked some less than charitable remarks. Art is all around us and gives us our advertising, television and movies. I also include music when I think about art. What would we do without music?

what is the use of art anyway

The Arts Council

The Arts Council funds a lot of the artistic practice in the UK. I don’t get Art Council funding. I fund my own artistic endeavours. My artistic projects are more practical and benefit people directly. Just before ChristmasI was asked if I had a good picture of the food bank and so I contributed a picture for an appeal to raise funds. I often take pictures to promote events or causes. Often my pictures show the town in a good light. Today’s picture is of the Farley Tower in West Bromwich. People frequently denigrate that area of West Bromwich despite looking quite nice. The denigration comes from people out-spoken about the number of small shops catering for East European shoppers. Art can show a more positive and less discriminatory image.

What use is art anyway?

Art has a myriad of uses from entertaining to informing, right through to simply giving us something new. Creativity is important and learning to collect together lots of strands of inspiration to create something new takes a certain amount of free-thinking.

64 Million artists

I’ve been doing the 64 Million artists challenges every day for the past 7 days. I need to think laterally or ‘out of the box’ to come up with new ideas. Today’s challenge is to do something creative with a simple post-it note.

“Take a Post-It or a small square piece of paper, and have a go at turning it into something new. It could be an origami animal, a tiny piece of street art, a design for a tile or even a cape for a grape…”

That sounds quite silly and we could very well ask the question, what use is it anyway? A post-it note is often used as a reminder or to pass a message into the future. It can be a message to ourselves or to to another person or even a group of people. Can a post-it note have an alternative use? I’m starting to favour a tiny piece of useful art. Maybe a drawing that is also a message?

Art as an exercise

Doing the challenges exercises the mind and more, it is exercising the creative ability. Within these challenges are lots of little challenges, like thinking how to approach the challenge and then choosing the right tools to do the challenge. Then finally producing something that will be appreciated in some small way by others.

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