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What will Britain be like in 2050? #environment

Someone posed the question yesterday on Facebook; what will Britain be like in 2050? Will it be a dystopian future of drug addicts, litter filled streets and a the English language replaced with a Americanised language filled with four letter expletives? We have in some respects recognised some of the problems. Mental health issues are more recognised now but I also see political extremism being seen as a solution to many of our problems. There are those who perceive problems that need to be solved by the adoption of extreme left-wing or right-wing ideologies. The right advocates a siege mentality based on charity begins at home and the left appears to advocate a open house, all welcome approach. I don’t care for either ideology.

What will Britain be like in 2050?

Green belt

The Green Belt is being ignored and our parks and nature reserves are shrinking as the land is used for housing. Will the urban sprawl continue to grow until there is little left? There is talk of electric cars and extending tram networks. Electric cars will be too expensive for most people so they will be expected to use public transport. Will we move more to shopping centres, where everything is under cover?

Multi cultural

The left-wing dream is of a multi-cultural society and people of different ethnicity living in harmony. The reality is one of a tribal society divided by tribal loyalties. Some of the tribes live in relative poverty excluded from the main stream when it comes to income, housing, education and opportunity. That is the underclass that gets drawn into extremism and into crime.

What will Britain be like in 2050?

What will Britain be like in 2050? I do see a dystopian future of communes that stretch into the sky as land becomes a fought over commodity bought up by the rich. I’ll be dead by then so I’ll have no part of it. Your great-grandchildren will fight for equality as generations have before them.

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