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What would you do if you won the lottery?

What would you use the money for if you won a million or more on the lottery? In the old days the richest person and most influential member of the community was the Lord of the Manor. You could buy a posh house, buy that title and lord it over the community you live in. Some people would want to move away and start a new life. How about you? What would you do with a fortune?

A nice place to live would be at the top of most people’s shopping list. Some people would want a big house, a mansion even. People who live in mansions usually have servants to keep them clean and tidy though, so you would need to win far more than a million for that. Maybe a large property in your community? Many pubs are being sold off in the community I live in and they’re usually quite spacious. You could pick one up for a few hundred thousand.

Whatever property you decided on, you could become Lord of the Manor, those titles are sold periodically at auction for an average of about £25,000. That would give you a position in the community and get you noticed.

How about a new car to match your new status? You can spend a fortune on a car too, so that could take more than just winning the millionaire raffle. You could get an older Rolls Royce though, a old 1971 model in good condition would set you back about £6,000 and give you something stylish for special occasions.

As Lord of the Manor, style would be very important. You might want to swap your barbecues for summer garden parties. You might even invite your friends to dinner parties and so furnishing your new house would be important. You would want it stylish to match your new life style. You might even become an art collector or a patron of the arts perhaps? You would need a few pictures on the walls. After all, you don’t want anything cheap and tacky…

Would you go out and buy lots of  new clothes or just buy a few good quality items so you can be well dressed. Would you go for style or lots of showy bling? Would you be drawn to the big fifty inch television as one of your first must have buys or something a little more tasteful like a Cartier watch?

Education and culture is very important to the rich. Would you stay with the same circle of friends that your have now or would you be applying for membership to the most exclusive golf clubs? Would you want to be seen in the Royal enclosure at Ascot and with the smart people at Wimbledon or would you celebrate down the pub with your mates?

I suppose a million or more could solve a lot of problems for most people. You can afford many things that would otherwise be unobtainable, but you would have to make decisions and cope with change. You could stay calm, put the money in the bank and live of the interest and returns on investments. You could then be content to feel financially secure and not worry about little annoyances like work.

The Euromillions jackpot tonight is 60 million pounds and there is a millionaire raffle. With 60 millions, you could spent a million a year for the rest of your life and still not run out of money. You could spend more than that, if it was invested wisely. Most people would be content to win the millionaire raffle. What would you do with a million? Do you have any unusual ideas? Please share your ideas. Leave a comment below. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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