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Whatever happened to pragmatism? #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so I’ll share my thoughts with you once again. This week I’ve witnessed political turmoil at national level and local politics isn’t much better. I talked to a local councillor who seems to feel like giving up. The most pragmatic member in the House of Commons, John Bercow is being threatened by members of the government. I see intolerance everywhere, whatever happened to pragmatism? It would be so much better if they were less dogmatic.

Whatever happened to pragmatism?

Brexit or Labour

Labour voters are really confused. Do they support Brexit or do the support Labour. Many are castigating Tom Watson for wanting to remain in the EU while supporting Corbyn. Is Corbyn in favour of Brexit or not? He dithered on the question at the time of the referendum and now he is leaving the question for Tom Watson to answer. Incidentally, those adverts that Tom Watson has put on Facebook are paid for by the Labour Party and so must be approved by Corbyn. Corbyn, of course, wants to cooperate with everybody and be a European but a little thing called the Lisbon Treaty could prevent Corbyn’s nationalisation plans. So he tries to appear friendly towards the EU while wanting out of it! What we really needed was for the subsidiarity concept in the Maastricht Treaty to be implemented.

Whatever happened to pragmatism?

A pragmatic approach to government would be much better than this idealist approach. Brexit on the 31st of October is a dogmatic approach and was doomed to failure. All this dogmatic idealism on both sides of the political divide is bad for the country and the Brexit referendum succeeded in creating another gaping divide throughout the country. What was Cameron thinking of? He too was over-confident as is Boris Johnson.


Meanwhile, I have more humdrum things to think about. I have a lot of bills to pay tomorrow but I’m pleased to pay I have saved money this year because I haven’t been well enough to do very much. I will venture out today and take some photographs though. I need to get my money’s worth out of my new camera. I’ve been curating the old photographs that were contributed as part of a competition that I ran and I’ve very pleased with that. I would like to add to my collection of modern photos and take some really high quality photos. As ever it is a matter of deciding what to take photographs of, buildings are easy but I would like to photograph people more. I do have events coming up with the Tipton canal and community festival and a few more events. I’ll do my best to improve my health before then.

That’s it for today. It’s a sunny morning but slightly chilly but I’m feeling quite positive. If you would like to subscribe, as always, just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar.

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