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When art meets history #photography #art #history

Besides being the admin of the History of Wednesbury page on Facebook I also do community photography and photograph local events. Besides promoting our history, I record it as it happens. It is, of course, a pictorial history of old photographs and I take photographs to add to the timeline. Art meets history in the production of new images.

art meets history

Noddy Holder

I photographed Noddy Holder opening the Rewind shop in Darlaston last Friday. That event is now an important part of our local history. I recorded it in pictures. I didn’t just photograph him with Vicki the owner or just cutting the ribbon. I got lots of images of him having his photo taken with people who had come just to see him and acknowledge his success. In the future, those pictures will be important to a lot of people. The comedy duo, Orchestra of Chaos provided security and they were pleased to be included in the pictures.

Arts festival

A lot of photographs have been taken as part of the Blast Arts Festival and there have been exhibitions in the art gallery as well as in other community places. There was a photography competition too but I had to wonder why there were so few entries for that. There were entries for the competition from members of a Birmingham photography group but not one entry from the West Bromwich group. It was a Sandwell-centred competition. Two professional photographers entered but neither won! Photography is subjective, though. I’ll reserve judgement on the whole festival because we have events in Wednesbury this week to bring the festival to a close.

Art meets history

Chris and Jan of the Caravan Gallery have a body of work that they shot around Sandwell over the past 12 months and so they might be invited back for another event at some time in the future for another exhibition. I wonder if they’ll keep all the prints? I hope some Sandwell pictures will travel with them and perhaps end up in their art books about Sandwell. Art meets history once those images are consigned to an archive.

Art on the cheap

I try to produce art on the cheap and so most of my images get displayed online. Now the summer is here I will be trying to get some decent images of the Fountain and the Pie Factory in Tipton for my next art cards. Not for me, expensive art books. My fans struggle to part with 50p for an art card! I might have to consider better marketing. I’m sure my limited edition art cards will be sought after in the future especially after I’m no longer around.

I hope the libraries will start supporting my work soon and sell the art cards. I might be able to do some for West Bromwich and maybe Darlaston! If you would like to subscribe to my blog and keep up with what I’m doing, just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar. You can also follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts. Those links are also on my Facebook page.

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