Where do you stick a climate crisis? #ramble

Doesn’t time fly when you’re retired. It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since I wrote my last Sunday post. If you’re new to my blog, I share my thoughts with my readers on Sunday morning. What’s new this week? It seems John Major doesn’t approve of  Bozo Johnson, our bumbling Prime Minister, either. Does anyone take him seriously? He is all blah, blah, blah and despite claiming to “get things done” is all talk and little action. He does delegate however to his ministers such as Sunak whose budget hardly inspired the markets and whose “eat out to help out” helped prolong the epidemic in the UK.



I bought this book earlier in the week, Aethelflaed, The Lady of the Mercians by Tim Clarkson. Aethelflaed built a fortress in Weardbyrig which I am fairly sure is Wednesbury. Wadnesberie is mentioned in the Doomsday Book but that was written in Latin. Weardbyrig is Old English and more likely the earlier name for Wednesbury. The assumption that Wednesbury was named after Woden the Saxon God of war could be wrong too. By the time Aethelflaed came to Wednesbury the Anglo-Saxons had embraced Christianity and Aethelflaed did, in fact, found a religious order in Wednesbury, perhaps a forerunner of our parish church?

COP 26

Having the history of the town associated with a warrior princess is much better than associating it with metal bashing. There is nothing wrong with metal bashing, where would we be without it? Still using horses and carts? The Industrial revolution did damage the planet of course and protestors have been demanding we try to do something about that. COP 26 had world leaders flying in by private jet and they did their blah, blah, blah and no one believed a word they said, especially Bozo Johnson. I’m surprised he didn’t have a bus with a big message emblazoned across the side. Of course, Greta Thunberg was there and told them precisely where they could stick their climate crisis! She does manage to protest without causing too much disruption unlike the Insulate Britain protestors who are just a bloody nuisance.


They have revised their estimates of how many people will die because of covid. Extra deaths because of covid and because health services have been overwhelmed will probably run into 10s of millions. The response could have been much worse, at least they developed the vaccines fairly quickly but Bozo handled the crisis in this country with his usual bumbling. Everything from him shaking hands with infected patients and catching covid himself to relaxing restrictions too early time and time again were mistakes that left us despairing. I think there is a very good chance he will catch it a second time before this pandemic is over.

Afternoon out

As always on a Sunday, I’m thinking of having an afternoon out and taking a few photos. The town centre in Wednesbury is in the process of being improved and I might take a look to see if there are any visible changes and take a few photos. It is a dark autumnal day so I don’t expect great pictures. The weather forecast says the sun might break through later so I might be lucky. I might even get a few shots of the autumn colours if I go exploring. I might even get some pictures for my photography post on Tuesday!

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