Where is the leadership? #ramble

Experts are now predicting another wave of covid over the Christmas and New year. The more moronic are still posting on social media and claiming it is all a scam to control us. Where is the leadership that we need in a pandemic? Bozo Johnson is embroiled in scandal after scandal and has been proven by the media to have told lie after lie. Everything from that sign on the side of a bus promising Brexit money for the NHS to his claims that he wasn’t at those parties and didn’t know anything about them. It was all lies.

where is the leadership?


I have to decide whether i should have guests over Christmas. I’ve stocked up on some food and hopefully there will be enough if I do have guests. How do we decide when we get so much conflicting and unreliable information? Even the data seems unreliable. It would seem that the omicron variant is spreading like wildfire and I know if is spreading in one local school. Maybe I can have a few guests at Christmas and we can all do lateral flow tests first? We are all vaccinated and have had our boosters. Omicron however may be escaping the vaccines.

Finance Friday

I didn’t do my usual Finance Friday post. I have got no heating so I was a bit distracted by that! Nothing has changed really. It is not a good time to invest with another wave of covid coming. Now is the time to bolster your bank account with lots of prices rises on the way. I see inflation and more inflation looming.

The End is Nigh?

With covid and tornadoes tearing through the United States and other problems around the world I’m surprised no one is walking the streets with a “The End is Nigh” sandwich board. I’m sure some religions are probably making the most of the pandemic to gain followers. The right-wing morons are definitely recruiting a sizeable army of fifth-columnists.

Where is the leadership that we need locally? Our Director of public health tried only to get harrassed on social media.

Where is the leadership?

We have to think positive and time passes by quickly. I see winter as a wave of covid, both delta and omicron, so I’ll be cautious. I’ll see my family but stay away from everyone else. The spring sunshine will soon be here and I can spend time in the garden and go out and do some landscape photography. I think with a lot of people catching covid we will at least near herd immunity by spring. I think we will pay a high price for it but I can’t do anything to stop that. Bozo John son is our national leader, the buck stops with him and his cronies. Where is the leadership that we need locally? Our Director of public health tried only to get harassed on social media.

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