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Who should we blame for economic and social problems?

I have some qualifications in electrical science, but you don’t really need to understand electricity to switch a light on. Press the switch and the light comes on. You don’t even think about what’s happening inside the switch, cables or power station. You take all that for granted. We take too much for granted in economics and that’s why we don’t understand it.

Olympics and Jubilee

You press a light switch and the light comes on; that shows there is electricity flowing in the circuit. The government tells us that the country is broke and in debt. So they cancelled the Olympics, Jubilee celebrations, put petrol and food on the ration just like in the war. Right?

Food prices

What has actually happened? Prices of essentials have soared. Food prices, energy prices, bus and rail fares, petrol prices, housing costs and other essentials. Who spends most of their money on essentials? Poor people, people on low incomes, minimum wage and benefits. The old, the sick, the unemployed and the disabled.


Who do the press blame? They support the government and blame the sick, disabled, benefit scrounging workshy scum. I think they must be using energy saving light bulbs. When they press the switch, the light is a bit dim…

The stock market

Fortunes were lost when the world economy crashed in the wake of Lehman brothers. Have you seen any rich people begging on the streets? No, me neither… The stock market seems to have recovered quite nicely. In fact the government sold some of it shares in Lloyds Banking Group this week for 75p a share, netting them billions; far more than they saved on benefit cuts.


According to the newspapers, spendthrift Labour caused all the problems. It was nasty spendthrift Labour, not Lehman Brothers or the Eurozone countries and certainly not those nice friendly bankers…

Lib Dems

The Lib Dems are nice guys too, they saved the country from the evil Tories and spendthrift Labour politicians. Nick Clegg fought ‘tooth and nail’ for what was right using his cheap private education and underprivileged Cambridge degree to great advantage…

Evidence based

They say good science is evidence based. If the light came on someone pressed the switch. If the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. If the stock market made people fortunes while kids went hungry. If children are abused while celebrities were paid fortunes, someone is responsible.

We have to take off the blinkers, look into the light and see that politics is corrupt. The media is corrupt. The BBC spent a billion on a new television centre at a time when welfare was being cut and it’s former presenters and stars investigated for child abuse.

Politicians around the world are a disgrace. It’s time for someone to set an example. It won’t be Cameron, Clegg or Miliband… It won’t be bloody Farage either… 

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