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Whose side am I on? #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so, as usual, I’ll let you into the labyrinth of neurons that is my mind and share my thoughts with you. I’ve become aware of a number of local ‘political issues’ recently. I think I’m supposed to take sides but I tend to listen and not say a lot. I want to know the truth and so I listen and I listen for lies. Just one lie, just one inaccuracy, can make what you say sound like a tissue of lies whereas if you have a reputation for honesty then you are likely to be believed. People can’t work out whose side I’m on, the left think I’m right-wing and vice versa!


Whose side am I on?

I did voice an opinion some time ago. I knew I was in the company of the chair of the local Labour group but it seems I was in the company of the chairman of the Conservatives too. I said something disparaging about the Conservative prospective candidate (general election) and recalled him telling me that our national debt was owed to the Chinese. I suddenly realised that one of the three people I was talking to was actually there at the time.  I condemned the candidate quite strongly for his view, which I think was motivated by racism towards the Chinese.  The Labour chairman piped up and pointed out that I usually sit on the fence! I don’t support either right wingers or left wingers but when racism leads them into blatant lies, they should be challenged. I didn’t get much of an argument on either occasion, perhaps because I do my research.

Racism is, of course, prejudice and most people have known some prejudice in their lives. The chairman of the local Conservatives is disliked by some just because he talks posh. I once got disapproving looks when I was simply talking to him. We were actually talking about the hidden treasures in the archives of the art gallery. The onlooker probably thought we were conspiring and had ideas based on their own prejudices.

I read some innuendo about me to the effect that I was ingratiating myself to the council or councillors in order to obtain funding for my photography. That is untrue but if the council asks me to do some photography again I might just charge them. Anyway, I thought who do I know who hopes to get funding in that way and I remembered one of the trolls is doing just that. He has no chance and neither would I.

I do have plans for my photography. I intend to have some postcards printed, yes that’s why I designed today’s picture. Funding isn’t a problem but what will I do with 1,000 postcards? I will have to arrange to sell them, of course. I can think of a few events where I might sell them but I shall have to come up with more ideas for selling them. I’m also thinking of buying a Nikon D750 so I might wait until I have the new camera and take some really great pictures for the first postcard. The new camera is fully funded as well and so is the 28 – 300mm lens I’ll have with it…

Anyway, whose side am I on? I am always on the side of doing what I think is right. I do tend to think positive and so I don’t imagine that everyone is corrupt or out for themselves. I imagine everyone to be like me and honest and even when they are dishonest I usually think there is a reason for their bad behaviour. People who imagine bogeymen everywhere are usually scared and we have to ask why they are scared. Sometimes their fear is one of being found out. I noticed someone giving their friends a knowing smile last year. It seemed to signify, some pleasure in the fact they were getting away with doing something wrong. That was their ‘tell’. Life can be like a game of poker sometimes. Watch out for the ‘tell’, it can reveal someone’s character or lack of character.

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