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Why am I so contrarian?

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Most people want to fit in, be part of the crowd. They want to be accepted and so they tend to behave the same as everyone else in their group. They even tend to dress the same as the people they spend the most time with. I tend to be a little contrarian, I don’t want to be the same as everyone else. I don’t want to be a sheep following; I want to be a shepherd! Some people lead; some people follow…

My car wouldn’t go the other day. Someone suggested that it was time I changed it. I thought that even if I bought a new car I could get one that ha da fault and kept breaking down. I called out the breakdown service and the nice man changed a fuse and it’s great again now. So it’s getting on a bit at 15 years old. I’m getting on a bit too!

My friend went to see the new James Bond film the other day and used his smart phone to tell me about it. Why tell me? It’s good? Wow, I would never have guessed! I’ll watch it when it comes on television, another fiver I’ve saved…

People keep telling me to shave my beard off. Have you seen the price of disposable razors? That’s another few quid I’ve saved…

People keep telling me to invest in nice safe blue chip companies. I tend to buy companies that are making a loss but have potential. Lloyds TSB are making a loss, they have taken a hit of five billions on their PPI mis-selling. I tend to think that once they sort themselves out they will make billions in profits and their share price will soar. I’m not the only one and so people are already buying. My shares have already gone up by a third and have gone up over 6% this morning and it’s not even lunch time yet!

People also tell me to sell when the price of shares goes up. I think a little more long term. We are in a recession. Investment funds run by Oxbridge Hooray Henrys want ‘safe harbours’. When the recession finally comes to an end they will start taking risks again and then my shares will soar!

People also tell me that if I want something, I can put it on my credit card and pay it off monthly. I can also pay the line rental on my phone monthly. I can also pay my car insurance monthly. I could even pay my car tax every six months instead of paying yearly. These short term solutions all cost extra money. I pay the line rental on my phone a year in advance and save £60. I pay my car insurance in advance and save £50. I want a new laptop, I pay cash and save at least £50. These interest charges all mount up and I prefer to have thing I can eat and use for my money.

Many people need designer clothes, it’s part of their image. They are insecure and need that prop. I need a bit of support too, I wear designer boxer shorts with Lycra! I don’t need a label on the outside of my clothes that tells the world how insecure I am. I don’t need a letter on the number plate of my car as a status symbol either. I don’t need to keep up with my neighbours.

My neighbour has his extension on his three bed semi, a little more than 2.4 children, a car that is the same make and model as mine, but newer. He probably has a wide screen television and a smart phone. I have a stock market portfolio and I own this website. Who is better off or worse off. My neighbour working out in the cold to keep what he has or me sitting here in the warm tapping away on a computer? Envy is a vice that I neither want or can afford.

There are more amazing ideas on the home page, please comment, I like to hear what you have to say. Are you different too?

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