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Why are there so many haters? #politics

I read this week that Nigel Farage has left UKIP because it has become too right-wing even for him. UKIP now has a special advisor in Tommy Robinson (not his real name) who is quite good at making excuses for his racist and xenophobic views. I am getting really sick of people who hate other people. My photo today is of Noddy Holder who I photographed at the hospital four years ago. That was a nice friendly occasion and Noddy is one of the good guys. Why can’t everyone be kind? Why are there so many haters?

Why are there so many haters?

Why are there so many haters?

I admin the Twitter account for Wednesbury BID (business improvement district) and occasionally the account gets tagged by a blogger whose life seems to revolve around hating people.  This particular blogger refers to himself as the Sandwell Skidder. He thinks he is putting the skids under the local political establishment but he is just showing himself to be an obnoxious agitator. He likes to attack people who can’t fight back and pick on anyone who seems vulnerable. His attacks even extend to the memories of the dead. This week, in an attack on a leading councillor he attacked her father’s good name, even though he passed away earlier this year. A new pub will be named after the late alderman, William Archer. Julian Saunders the obnoxious blogger must be really envious to launch an attack on the good name of someone who can no longer defend himself. That is simply sad.  Why are there so many haters?

Sad gits

While I’m on the subject of sad gits someone appears to have tried to hack one of my email accounts yesterday. I tightened up security just to be on the safe side. It has been my year for ill-health and problems with haters and trolls. I can handle the trolls now though, I ban them from my Facebook pages or simply ignore the sad gits.

Anyway, it is nearly time for Noddy to proclaim “It’s Christmussss” so we should be of good cheer. I’ll even wish sad Julian a speedy recovery from his recent surgery.

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At the request of Julian Saunders, this post has been amended. Whilst, there was no intention to infer he is directly affiliated with right-wing groups, the metaphors I used did suggest that. I, therefore, withdraw those inferences because I can find no documentation relating to Mr Saunders political activities except his opposition to Sandwell Council, its councillors and officers. These amendments have been made in the spirit of fairness and goodwill. 

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