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Why is the grass always greener somewhere else?

The grass is always greener

I always wonder why people feel the need to travel so much. They spend 10 days overseas and ten bloody years talking about it. Where I live, the traffic just gets worse and worse. They are opening up the hard shoulder on the motorway to traffic, because it’s got so bad. The new law is supposed to prevent people hogging the middle lane and spread traffic out more across all the lanes.

It seems the grass is always greener somewhere else. I saw a company in the news bringing people in to work from Eastern Europe, paying them less than minimum wage and getting away with it, because they provide them with food and accommodation. When challenged they said they ‘worked harder’.  I bet they do. They can’t exactly get the number 59 bus home, can they? So they have to do what the slave master tells them to do.

My local council now has a policy of offering social housing to people who live here; local people. They have just thought of this new and absolutely amazing policy. Meanwhile, they advertise jobs all over bloody Europe. Why not give housing and jobs to local people?

Less travel would mean a step in the right direction to beating global warming. It would mean we would need less investment in new roads. It would mean less development of the green belt.  It would mean we wouldn’t need new runways on airports. It would mean fewer traffic jams and road traffic accidents. It would mean more money being spent locally, rather than on overseas holidays. It would mean more local jobs. What’s not to like?

Why do people travel all over the world to watch sport? Is it because sport in their local community is crap? Do people in Australia support Manchester United because Aussies are crap at football? Tennis and golf make even less sense. They hit a little ball around in golf with a stick. That’s OK, it’s good gentle exercise, if you play it. Where is the sense in travelling thousands of miles to watch it?

I can understand people wanting nice weather for their holiday, but they have ten days of sunshine and that’s it. Why not save up and have a holiday every five years that’s worth having. Go for a month every five years, it makes more sense. You don’t destroy the climate so much. Leave a bit of atmosphere for your grandchildren…

Students always have to go away to university too. Is it because all local universities are crap or is it easier to get drunk farther away from home. I do understand the language and culture can be different overseas. I can understand going to China to learn Chinese. Some people go to university in the north of England to learn culture or Oxford to learn humanities. Something seems wrong there, somehow…

I remember life before traffic calming; quiet country lanes, steam trains and the English seaside. You could enjoy driving in those days. People drive aggressively now. I’ve had my car 9 years and I’ve used the horn once, some people use them all the time. They are to attract people’s attention, not to make a protest because you lost a whole second on your journey time.

Now the government wants to spend huge amounts of money on a high speed rail line from London to the north of England. It will cut a swathe through England and only benefit people in London. People in Wales and Scotland will contribute to the cost, but get none of the benefits. It will encourage commuting into London. Why not move some of the jobs out of London? Will the Queen have a palace in Birmingham after HS 2 has been built? Not bloody likely…

What do you think? Do we all travel too much? Share you thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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