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Why use a DSLR? #photography

Virtually all professional photographers use a DSLR and you can get a used one for less than £200. Why is the DSLR considered the best type of camera? It really comes down to control of the camera. You can set a DSLR manually and choose settings for a fast shutter speed and simply freeze the action. A fast shutter speed eliminates blur from all sorts of movement including camera shake and vibration.

YMCA - shot with a DSLR


A DSLR does take more skill once you take it off auto. This is the Cielo cafe at the YMCA in West Bromwich. I took photos both inside and outside and I was quite happy with them until I looked closer. The ones I took inside weren’t as sharp as I expected and the shutter speed was 1/60 of a second on virtually every one of them. I was using aperture priority and most shots were wide open so the camera should have given me a faster shutter speed. The shots outside were fine and I shot this at 1/320 of a second. I’m not sure what I did wrong but it always pays to check as you go along that you have the settings you need. Many of the shots inside were using the flash too which meant I had plenty of light. It is possible that I knocked the camera and it was actually set on full manual.


Regardless of the type of camera, you can make your shot look great with good composition. This shot has those diagonal leading lines to give it depth. The light was diffused by the cloudy sky and so there aren’t many shadows but shadows can give you shot a three-dimensional look.

YMCA (5)

Wide open

This shot was taken with the aperture wide-open and I used my small Nikon flash. It looks reasonably good but the 1/60th of a second shutter speed was too slow. I’m surprised it’s not more blurred. Overall, if you want really sharp shots you need a fast shutter speed. The shutter speed should be at least 1/100 of a second for most shots and if you’re zooming in to say 100mm then double the inverse of that is 1/200 second and your ideal minimum shutter speed. You get more camera movement and shake when you zoom in.

I shall be checking my shutter speeds more closely in future and will also consider using shutter speed priority instead of aperture priority for some indoor shots.

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