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Willing to invest in Britain? #FinanceFriday

The stock market promises decent rewards for those of us willing to invest in Britain at this difficult time but which companies offer the most promise? I don’t see the likes of Ryan Air and Easyjet recovering in the near-term but I’m quite bullish about banks. The flight to safety saw investors selling on the stock market and buying gold. Is that trend reversing? The gold price has fallen but on a day-to-day basis, it bobs up and down, demonstrating the fragile nature of the economy and the nervousness of investors. Things are still very uncertain and Covid has not gone away. In China, they are already testing their vaccine in a wide-scale test. AstraZeneca is gearing up and getting ready to produce one for us.

invest in Britain


I’m not rich enough to buy land or property but land is a safe investment and one that investors do rush to when times are bad. On eToro I invest in CFD’s and so I invested in Land Securities. I’m up about 10% so far and that makes up for losses on other companies. The markets are very volatile now. I’m down about 10% on Amazon, up more than 10% on Nvidia and surprisingly I’m down on AstraZeneca. It’s early days for my eToro portfolio, however. I’m expecting it to make a profit by next year. It’s down about 3% overall but that loss was from the GBP: USD movement. I deposited my money when the pound was weak and it’s appreciated since then. I will pay attention when I move money the other way and move it when the dollar is strong against the pound.


Overall, I quite like eToro and it will be useful in the future but as always I’ll be cautious until I’m really familiar with it. I do have a virtual portfolio too and a watch list. On my virtual portfolio this week I short-sold GOLD and made a small profit. I’ve always seen short-selling as a rather destructive practice but it could be useful to take advantage of a falling market in the future. I can think of a few candidates that I could short-sell now but I’ll watch and wait.


Oil is another commodity that I can’t afford to invest in directly but I watch the oil price as I bought into Shell (RDSB) and I think that share price aligns with the oil price. That investment is still showing a loss but I’m optimistic. Rolls Royce has been showing some gains as the airline industry recovers and I would expect more of a lag on the oil price but it will come eventually.

Willing to invest in Britain?

For those of us who are willing to invest in Britain rather than just voting for Brexit and waving the flag there could be rewards as companies are crying out for investment. Money counts more than rhetoric! I wish that the government would encourage more people to invest in Britain rather than jumping up and down with glee when foreigners invest and end up owning British assets.

Premier Foods

I sold 75% of my Premier Foods shares at a nice profit and they have been doing really well since. My remaining shares are now a double bagger for me and still climbing. Never regret selling shares even if they go up after you have sold. We can’t sell at exactly the right time, we just have to make a judgment and try to sell at a decent profit and I did nearly double my money on Premier Foods. It was after years and years of waiting, though!

Good time to invest

It is a good time to invest in Britain and as the economy recovers from the epidemic so share prices will rise and companies will get back to making profits. It will be some time before cinemas and airlines get back to normal and I wouldn’t rush to invest in breweries but there are signs of recovery in other parts of the economy. The rewards are for those willing to risk their cash.




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