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Winning the lottery that is life #ramble

Yes, it’s Sunday morning again and so I allow you into the innermost sanctum of my mind and share my thoughts with you. I just checked my lottery numbers; Nah, I didn’t win. Life isn’t too bad as it is, though. If you want a chance of winning the lottery that is life, you have to get involved. I dragged myself along to Tesco yesterday and photographed a fundraising tin shake for Sam’s Dream. I enjoyed it, that’s winning life’s lottery.

winning the lottery that is life

Sam’s dream to walk


I copyright my photos, well, 20 years from now a newspaper might want to use this photo and won’t be able to without my permission. Anyway, I had a serious senior moment when I was editing this photo, I couldn’t get the © symbol to work. Frustrated, I typed copyright instead and tried to move on. You can’t though, can you? You go through all the possibilities! Is my computer broke? Is it the software? Is it the keyboard? If you’re not familiar with how you get the symbol, you press alt and at the same time type 0169 on your number pad. The  © symbol magically comes up when you take your finger off the alt key. Except, yesterday, it didn’t for me. Not until my brain recovered to its usual highly tuned state and then I pressed the NUM LOCK.

Winning the lottery that is life

Yes, winning the lottery that is life, is not easy. As with all lotteries, you have to take a chance and buy a ticket. You have to become aware of what is around you and try to enjoy it and not reject any opportunity to buy one of life’s more unusual tickets to happiness. Many of those tickets are free too. You know the sort of thing I mean. You meet someone, you think is really weird and you get chatting and they turn out to be really interesting. I asked a lady in Tesco who was using an electric wheelchair if she would like her photo taken with Sam yesterday and she held his hand. In that brief moment, they were both winners.


Experiments are risky like many other things in life but we have to experiment and take risks or we don’t learn how to improve things. I experiment in many ways and constantly learn. I experiment when I invest my money and take too many risks. I have to curb my need to take risks now and so I’m playing safe for a while. I’m a Tesco shareholder now and was a little worried about how quiet it was yesterday. I also experiment with my photography trying to get it better and better. I need to find a way to help people relax and have fun when I’m taking their photo. Sam has fun and is quite cheeky so I get great photos. He could be a 5-year-old male model! I see more in people when I take their photo. If people who smoke saw, what I see, when I edit a photo, they would give up. The same applies to heavy drinkers! There are lots of trendy things like suntans, eyelashes and tattoos that don’t look good in a photo. Children take the best photos, they are unspoilt by adulthood.

Shaking the dice

I shall be shaking the dice of life today when I go out. I have no idea where I’ll go but I have to go somewhere. I have no chance of winning the lottery that is life unless I get out there and buy that ticket. I need to experience something. A young girl asked me if she could try my camera once and despite it being new and bloody expensive; I allowed her to take a few photos, one was of me! She enjoyed it and said it was ‘an experience’. If she continues in life, to take that attitude to life and enjoy the experiences, she will do well in life.

I’ve written a lot more words than usual today. In fact, I’ve written more all this week. It must be the new tablets! If you would like to follow my blog and receive an email each time I post just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can find more photos and ideas on my Facebook page.

Click here: to donate to Sam’s Dream to walk.

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