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Winning the lottery

Wednesbury Pool

The UK lottery has a rollover jackpot of over 6 million pounds this evening. Should I buy a ticket? Would I be any happier with all that money? Would I enjoy a walk in the park more if I was a millionaire? Would I be healthier or live longer?

Is it worth buying a ticket? Interest rates are really low now, but I could probably get 4% on 6 million. That’s over 4,000 a week even if I spent a million having a few things done, like a new house and car or something. Moving is so stressful, I don’t think I want a new house. I suppose a holiday home would be nice…

It would be nice to have financial security, but why do people want to be rich really. Is it the status? Do they all have inferiority complexes and need the approval of society? You can’t really buy status can you? You can’t buy education or good breeding. In fact there are lots of good things you can’t buy. You can’t buy friends or lovers.

It makes you wonder if it’s worth buying a ticket…

I might risk it and think of something to do with the money later…

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