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Winter bargains and offers #thrifty

There is still some end of the year offers around and you can check them out online before you go to the store or shop online and have them delivered. The super-six at Aldi were still 19p yesterday so I had some parsnips to make a winter stew. Aldi also has lots of nice sausages and packs of four baking potatoes. Sausages and baked potatoes are a favourite meal for me and fortunately, Aldi does gluten-free sausages.  You do have to look very carefully for the gluten-free symbol and the same applies to products in the bigger supermarkets.

winter bargains


Many schools have banned kids taking smartphones to school but they’re a must-have item for many older kids and they are safer if they can phone home in an emergency. The Medion Life smartphone at Aldi might be just the job for kids at 46.99.

Winter sales

Winter sales are still running at most of the big stores like Curry’s. I went to Matalan and bought some shoes half price but the sizes don’t seem right. I was wearing size 9 but their size 9 shoes are far too small. I ended up buying size 11. They seem a little too big but they are really comfortable. I think the real size is probably 9 1/2. £15 instead of £30 for real leather is a good price anyway! I wasn’t impressed with the rest of their stock. I looked around the homeware and it was all fancy stuff I don’t need. I do need some nice canisters to put my teabags, sugar and coffee in. No, they don’t have anything so basic and useful. Matalan has been having financial problems. I suspect the problem is their buyers.


Debenhams has a sale too and it is a store I would use if I could park close by more easily. Their website isn’t very good but they do sell jumpers that team well with denim jeans. I would never have guessed.


I’m told Primark is a good place for clothing so I checked out their website. It’s worse than Debenhams but they do have a lot of jumpers. I don’t really fancy one that has been washed in acid, though. I wonder what a slouch top is? Is it a top for lazy people?


One sale I have bought from is Superdrug. I had some Wahl hair clippers, which is a really good brand. They were half price and I got the ones for cutting hair as well as battery ones and even the ones for nose hair. They are half price at 19.99.

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