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Winter landscapes #photography

Shooting winter landscapes can be difficult because the dark skies and poor light give us dark pictures. However, our eyes adjust to the darker landscapes and our camera can do that even better. You can let more light into the camera by using wider apertures, but you want them to be narrow to get a depth of field that will bring distant objects into focus. The answer to poor light then is to increase the sensitivity of the camera sensor and you can do that by increasing the ISO. If you’re new to a DSLR, then on aperture priority you can set the ISO to 400 or even higher and try to choose subjects that aren’t too far away and shoot at something like f/8.

SANDWELL VALLEY - winter landscapes

Winter Landscapes

I took this shot at f/8 with the ISO set at 400 and that gave me a really fast shutter speed of 1/320 of a second which was faster than I intended but it gave me a sharp picture. I tend to shiver a bit when it’s really cold! That is another problem when you try to shoot winter landscapes.


The rule of thirds

Many photographers are guided by the rule of thirds. I like my subject 1/3 across the image if I don’t want it to dominate the picture. In this image, I have the horizon 1/3 down from the top of the picture because the sun came out and I didn’t want too much sky which the metering would have seen as very bright and so the top of the image would have been over-exposed compared the bottom which might have been under-exposed.


Capturing the moment

Sometimes, even when you’re shooting winter landscapes you have to capture the moment. I just managed to capture this flock of gulls and managed 1/200 of a second at f/8. They made an otherwise boring picture interesting.

Today’s shots were taken in Sandwell Valley Country Park with the last one at Hyde’s Pool on my way home.

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