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Community photography

Winter photography #photography

It isn’t quite winter yet but we do have to cope with low-light. How much light is there exactly? On a DSLR you have a light meter that will tell you how under-exposed or over-exposed your picture will be and measures the light quite accurately. You can decide to take quite dark wintery pictures or increase the exposure a little and take lighter pictures making the most of the available light. Winter photography doesn’t have to be all dark and dismal and we do get the sunshine sometimes.

winter photography


I haven’t been well this year and so missed out on lots of photo-opportunities. On Sunday, I’ll try to photograph the annual remembrance parade. It’ll be cold and probably wet and I’m not well so I’ll take my photos and when I’ve had enough I’ll come home. For that reason, I don’t get into the middle of the crowds, I leave that to the other photographers. I prefer to take photos of the parade and maybe the odd shot of a veteran wearing his medals.

Winter photography

It’s still autumn yet but those winter photography techniques start now! It is important to dress for the cold weather and protect the camera from the rain and damp. I never change lenses when it’s damp. If the damp air gets into the lens or camera it can wreak havoc by encouraging mould.

Wide apertures

Shooting with wide apertures at events will let more light into the camera and bring your subjects into sharp focus. Changing the aperture on my Nikon is easy and I’ll go from wide open shots to narrower apertures but won’t shoot narrower than f/8 at the parade. There are other opportunities as the community decorates the memorial gardens ready for the event. The town hall in Darlaston is decorated too with lots of poppies. I might photograph that today and will have to raise the ISO to compensate for the poor light.


It looks quite dark outside this morning but we have to remember that our pupils dilate when it is poor light to let more light into our eyes so we need to actually measure the light level. Then we can adjust the ISO on our camera to take into account the lower light level. It isn’t too dark today and an ISO of 400 will probably be sufficient. My Nikon will produce good images at ISO 400. As a community photographer I also need to chat to people in the community and I hope to do that too today.

That’s all for today, enjoy the autumn colours. If you would like to subscribe just enter your email address in one of the spaces provided. You can also follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts and those links are on my Facebook page too.


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