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Winter thoughts on Sunday #ramble

It is only 10 days to the Winter Solstice and the official beginning of winter. Anyway, it’s Sunday morning and so as usual, I let you into the darker corners of my mind and share my thoughts with you.

winter snow at the Manor House


Yes, winter begins on the 21st of December with the winter solstice, closely followed by Christmas. Will it snow on Christmas Day? The odds of snow falling on London on Christmas Day are 7.4 to one on the Betfair exchange. You can get 210 to 1 against Justin Beiber getting a Christmas number one. I think next door’s cat has a better chance…  Mariah Carey has over 200,000 hits on Youtube for her Christmas hit,  All I want for Christmas is you.   My great-niece Megan is on YouTube too, I think she should make a Christmas single, she would ace it with the right song. Readers in Wednesbury might be interested to know she has a gig at Wednesbury Town Hall next year. I’ll take a few pictures.


Photography is always on my mind. It hasn’t been that long since I began regularly photographing events and getting my photos in the newspaper. In fact, it is only 3 years since I’ve owned a DSLR. I’m getting used to photographing groups of people in difficult conditions now. I find fluorescent light challenging! I did do better this week, not only with the fluorescent light but with talking to the people and getting a good group pose. I do want to do more indoor photography because the winter weather isn’t always camera friendly. I still have landscape photography to keep me occupied and we could have more than a sprinkling of snow this year. I have a mental list of places to go and things to photograph if it snows. Driving on the stuff can be a problem especially if there are other drivers on the road. A white Christmas would be nice because all the other drivers would be at home stuffing mince pies down them and getting drunk.

The seasons

Life has its seasons and we have fond memories of spring. The final season of life is the cold, cold winter of old age which I’m learning to deal with. I crawled out of bed when I was young, now it’s getting really challenging. Strangely enough, I don’t have a lie in on a Sunday morning these days and if I do stay in bed longer it’s only for 30 minutes. In the winter time of life, I can’t afford to waste what I have left. In some cultures, I would be considered old and wise but in this country ‘pensioners’ are considered to be past their sell-by date and just a burden. Perhaps, we need to take another look at ‘political incorrectness’ that redefines old age? Kirk Douglas was 100 years old this week and a perfect example of how people are living longer and staying active longer. Instead of thinking of the army of baby boomers as a burden, maybe society can think of us a bonus. A source of wisdom and experience that can be utilised in schools, community centres and hospitals?

Anyway, that’s it for this week. I’ll be doing a photography post on Tuesday. I shall probably take a day off from writing tomorrow and have a day of research. If you would like to subscribe and receive an email every day with links to my posts just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You’ll also find links and other stuff on my Facebook page.

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