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Finding ways to enjoy life isn’t easy. Many people enjoy being creative and sharing that with others. Artists produce work for others to see and share. Writers, write for other people; not themselves. We also enjoy doing things that we are good at, perhaps because we get some praise or recognition from others.

We tend to be sensitive to criticism when it comes to the things we are good at. We want the recognition, but we don’t want to hear voices of dissent. Perhaps that is why writing and photography is so good, it’s a one way channel with the positive comments tending to dominate. It’s much better than showing a friend a photograph and they tell you it’s a little over-exposed or the bit that you deliberately made out of focus with a wide aperture is ‘all blurred’. The opinions of others is important.

Angling for attention

I think of being really creative as a little like fishing in a river. You know the fish are there, but you can’t see them. You just have to cast your line and have faith that they are there and imagine what is going on under the water. You try different techniques; trying to catch the top feeders and then the  bottom feeders or moving on to a better spot. Then next time you try a quieter time of day and use different equipment. You experiment and hope to be lucky. Luck plays a big part in fishing and it also plays a big part in being creative. We dig deep into our minds to find the right idea, the right wording or the most suitable analogy. Sometimes we are like the fisherman out in the middle of the lake all alone at night. We feel isolated, alone with our thoughts hoping for a bite.


The angler needs bait to catch a fish. Writers need inspiration that gives us a little push in the right direction. Photographers need something to point their camera at and the imagination to have some idea of what the finished image will look like. For some writers it’s enough to tell a story or to report an event. For some photographers it’s enough to photograph an event for posterity or a place to inform people of what it looks like. The really creative people need to create art, to do something different. That needs to be inspired. It’s more than just informing the reader, it attempts to entertain and maybe amuse too.


If you would like to try being creative. Why not try writing something for a Zillion Ideas? You can do a article that is mostly images with a few words in between or you can write about a subject you are knowledgeable about or perhaps have strong feelings about.  It can be about just about anything. I’m not too keen on reading about pets or religion; but something bizarre like ‘how to keep chickens’ or ‘how to grow  potatoes’ would be interesting. You can have a go and your article will be edited and so you don’t have to get the spelling perfect.

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