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Writing for an emotional response

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Whatever you are writing, you want some kind of emotional response from your reader. You want them to say to themselves, ‘that’s clever’ or ‘that’s funny’. Better still, you hope they will share their thoughts with their friends.

If you’re trying to write fiction and it’s a thriller; you won’t thrill your reader with every line of text. You build up to the exciting parts. It’s the same with comedy, it won’t be a laugh a minute. If you manage to get a couple of laughs in each chapter of a comedy novel, you’re doing well. Once people are laughing; once a mood is set, it is easier to maintain the mood.

What am I hoping to achieve with this article? I hope to inspire you! I am hoping you’ll say, ‘I can do that!’. You can write, if you put your mind to it. It might be a short story or a full length novel. You might decide on sharing your thoughts with the world and start a blog. You might fancy starting your own business and want to start a hyper-local news site, reporting on what’s happening in the community. You might see yourself in the role of editor of a website that is the 21st century equivalent of the town newspaper. You could phone up local politicians for  stories and sell space on your site to local businesses. The possibilities are endless now, with the internet.

You might just want to improve and develop your writing, so that you can express yourself better in writing and get an emotional response from just one person. That one person might be your tutor or university professor and the emotional response you are looking for is, ‘this is good’. You want to impress them. That can apply when writing to a prospective employer or anyone when you’re writing a letter.

You have to think about not just what you’re writing, but also punctuation and grammar. You also have to try to make it ‘look good’. Make the proper use of  paragraphs and choose the right font and font size. You might consider making it easy to read. You’re trying to put across an idea. If you’re trying to impress someone with how clever you are, then be careful. You  have to demonstrate that you have knowledge and experience; using long words probably won’t cut it. If you do use long words, then you might have to paraphrase; explain that quantitative easing is the central bank printing money, for example.

Why not, have a go at a short story, try to use you imagination to tell a little story about something that happens and when the happening comes to the end; that is the end of the story. Read my Christmas story to give you some idea of how to write it.

Not sure what to write about? Look at my picture and imagine walking down the tow path of that canal. What might happen? Who could you meet? Where does it lead? Please comment if you have ideas to share.

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