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Whatever we are writing, we need inspiration. I find my inspiration in all sorts of places. This photo was taken near my home and it’s interesting because the river has a dam across, that acts as stepping stones, but also helps store the water behind it. There is no litter around there, which is surprising, because this is not in the English countryside as you might imagine; but in town.

The whole town is considered to be deprived, but that area of the town more so. They do have that oasis of natural beauty though and so perhaps they think they need to take care of it. There is a lesson to be learned there and inspiration too; if you’re open minded. I think artists and writers do tend to be more open minded and do look around and pay attention. I have been around most of the Victorian parks in this area in the past couple of years taking photographs and most of the nature reserves too. I think we can find what nature provides, inspiring. I am also inspired by the past. In England, we have a rich and diverse heritage. I spent some time, last evening, scanning old photographs and have lots more to rummage through and scan. Many of them are postcards that I have picked up over the years.

People tell stories and so do places, especially buildings. Next to the modern hospital where I sometimes go, is the remains of a Victorian workhouse. The very sight of it conjures up images of Dickensian England and Oliver Twist asking for ‘more’. Even the futuristic hospital has provided inspiration for a story.

We also need inspiration to write non-fiction. We need to be inspired to have any new idea. Today’s post is a process of piecing together bits  of ideas about writing and trying to inspire my readers to write and understand writing. Some of the bits of the jigsaw come from my travels, some from my reading Dickens, some from old photographs, some ideas come from people. Little ideas, pieces, come together to form a bigger idea. The same as small steps can take us a long way, if there enough of them! We collect information and ideas as we go through life; this is transformed into knowledge that we can use to write. If you get bored and no longer try to discover new information and new ideas, then you have little to write about.

We try to fire the imagination of others with stories, that can be spoken or written. Telling your friends about your fantastic holiday, where you not only got a tan, but also drank enough red wine to sink the Titanic will probably bore them to tears. It is the same if you write about it. If however, your holiday was risky and exciting. Then maybe your listeners or readers will imagine what it was like and become excited too? You might need to describe the scene, the Mediterranean sunset that made that evening sitting outside the cafe magical. You looked out to sea watching the sunset, Manuel the amorous waiter brought your meal and wine; to the sound of a flamenco guitar. It sounds a little better than saying, we sat on the beach getting blotto!

That is what it’s all about, we have to fire the imagination of the reader. To do that we have to empathise with our readers, put ourselves in their place. We can’t empathise with every reader, but we can imagine what kind of person would read what we are writing. If it’s a romance novel, our reader could be a woman, reading in bed. An action adventure could attract male readers. I hope this blog will be read by bloggers, aspiring writers, novelists and people who are generally creative enough to understand what I am saying.

Most of all, we write about people and so most of our inspiration comes from people. We meet them, we read their works, we watch them on television, we read about them. The world is full of them! The more contact we have with people and the diversity of contact we have the better; we will be able to write diversely. With the internet now, we have few boundaries. I talked to a student in China last night before I went to sleep. We can absorb so much cultural information now and it comes through channels such as MSN, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This can make us too reliant on telecommunications and so we shouldn’t forget that we also need to meet people and talk to them.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post enough to want to read more and they can be found on the Home Page. Please comment and share!

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