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Writing your own story #ramble

Yes, it’s Sunday morning and I’m allowing you into the dark recesses of my mind and sharing my thoughts once again. It is a wet weekend so where will I go today? I’m not staying in! I think I might go to Poundland and see if I can scan my own shopping through the till without some kid coming to my aid. It happens to be near my favourite sweet shop so I might as well pop in there as well. I talked to a couple of students this week via Skype. One of them is a writer and so very creative but at a cross-road in her life. I told her to create her own story. Life is a journey, but a journey is a story. In fact, when I am writing a story besides putting many characters in the story I put many places in the story too. Life is like that, isn’t it? Many places and many people.

Writing our own story

Your own story

I think Chickenbone John probably created his own story. He certainly made his own guitars. I see many people creating their own story and most of them are entertainers or run small businesses. They are not ordinary people, they are extraordinary people. We should celebrate the extraordinary. I like crazy people who write stories or give it all up to run a book shop. I like the Bohemians who play the guitar or write poetry. The ones who want to stand out or want to be different in an understated way. I often find these extraordinary people wear hats. I’m going to name a few! I’m thinking of people like Billy Spakemon alias Dr Brian Dakin and Black Country Gaz, they are both characters who are proud of their dialect and heritage and involved in the community. I could mention a lot of other people. I’m trying to think of all the people I know who wear a hat now…


Anyway, the student I was talking to occasionally wears a hat as well. She isn’t destined to be ordinary, she is extraordinary. She doesn’t play the guitar although she does own one. She lives in Northern China where there are limited opportunities to flourish but I think she needs to write her own story. At the moment, she is cut off from the western world except for Skype, she can’t even connect to Google let alone Facebook. I’m helping her to devise a plan to control her own destiny and write her own story. What is extraordinary about her? She is young and she can not only write, she can write in English or Chinese. She also understands marketing, branding and social media. Maybe she can become a crossroads, a gateway between east and west?

The journey

As we continue on the journey that is life, we all have the opportunity to write our own story. There are always limitations but there are always opportunities too. You might have a boring job in the day but in your free time you can choose between languishing in a world of dull unstimulating repetition or you can get up and take control of your days. We can just sit there and let life carry us along or we can be the driver and steer a new course. We could learn to play the guitar or write poetry. We could even go out and buy a hat!

Avant Garde

The Avant Garde, the advanced guard, are people who lead the way and set the trends, who inspire and who attract attention because they are extraordinary and so often become the role models for younger people. These are not the pop stars, the well-known actors or the million quid a year footballers. I’m talking about ordinary people who are not ordinary but are extraordinary in what they do. I’m talking about people who are into art for art’s sake not for the money. Who played the guitar because they love music. Who wears a hat to keep the sun out of their eyes and the rain off their glasses and might look extraordinary because of a couple of simple requirements.

Ordinary me

I am just an ordinary person but I try to join in with this extraordinary culture and do lots of different things. I do some history on Facebook, take photos, get involved in the community, do this writing and get involved in art. I am an ordinary person that gets involved in extraordinary things so in some small way I am writing my own story. Instead of following the well-worn paths I go exploring down the lesser known ones and even wander off the path and explore.

We can all write our own story.

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I took a few photo on my journey:

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