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As the year draws to a close #Wednesbury

I hope everyone in Wednesbury had a great Christmas but now we have to look to the future. What will 2017 bring? There will be some changes with a few companies opening up new premises in or around Wednesbury. Lidl will have a new warehouse and so too will DFS. There will be a new car showroom to replace Carcraft and there are interesting developments on the Gallagher retail park. We also hope to get better Christmas lights next year,  too!

What Christmas lights


There was a lot of talk about radicalisation in 2016. I think the world became more radical and rebellious in 2016. I spoke to a friend in northern China on Skype and she wants a Christmas tree, that’s quite radical for someone in a predominantly Buddhist country that has officially given up religion for a political doctrine that promotes atheism. It makes me wonder what effect new Christmas lights in Wednesbury might have on our ethnic minorities. Anyway, I think next year we should have some better ones and they should be on before the kids go to bed. I photographed the Cheer Angels in front of the Christmas Tree. There were no lights and the tree looked half dead.


I drove down the Wood Green Road on my way to Matalan and they were queuing to get onto the Gallagher retail park for the sales. There will be fun there when the spring bank holiday comes. Matalan was a bit crap. I got an email from them asking my opinion again, not that they will take a bit of notice of it. I went in wearing size 9 shoes and came out having bought a pair of size 11 shoes. They are quite comfortable and were half price too.


I think traffic will be a problem in 2017. Years ago the borough engineer thought we would need hover-ports for hovercraft in the 21st century. They have no imagination on the council, do they? He also favoured a ring road around Wednesbury and favoured joining all the Woden Roads together to create a bypass road around the town. Now we are in the 21st century, all roads lead to the High Bullen and not a hover-port in sight let alone a teleport.

I’ll share a few pictures of around Wednesbury if you click one it will bring up the carousel.

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