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Years and Years #television #life

I watched the BBC’s dystopian drama Years and Years last night. It is set in 2028, not too far in the future. It was quite disturbing. Could the world be like that in just 9 years time? Will people become that nihilistic and start to believe that life is meaningless?

One year on

It was one year on since an awful loss of life caused by the use of a nuclear weapon and people seemed a little blasé about it. It was no longer shocking. We are like that, though. Look at 9/11, people were shocked at the time, mainly because it happened in a developed country but the effect soon subsided. The Glenfell Tower fire was shocking but again people adjusted and little was done to stop such a disaster happening again. The way we adapt to such tragedy sometimes makes the human race appear callous. There are those that deny that the Holocaust killed 6 million Jews and others in world war two. There are also climate change deniers like Donald Trump. Perhaps some people just can’t adapt and so deny reality?

Years and years

Years and years may be set in the future but it parodies the past. The obsession with smartphones and the internet of things features heavily in the story. Homosexuality also features heavily and perhaps it will be accepted by more people in 9 years time. I hope man’s inhumanity to man will be less acceptable in the future.

We’re all going to die!

There was one undeniable truth in that story and that is that we’re all going to die. Some of us sooner than later! Should those of us who are older and facing death sooner be concerned about the future of today’s young people and children? With the current topic high on Britain’s agenda at the moment being Brexit, I don’t see any signs of concern for the future of the planet. I see no concern for the people in poor countries who don’t have clean water or enough food to eat. The developed nations have the resources to solve these basic problems but instead, they stoke up conflict and manufacture weapons for sale to the highest bidders.


Are we heading for a dystopian future? Maybe we are already there. We have lost the empathy that we should have towards people who are different from ourselves. We want to run and hid in our caves and build barriers and walls. We are afraid of the future.

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