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Yes, I went to West Bromwich #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and didn’t this week just fly-by? Actually, I think every week flies by now. It must be my age. I didn’t take many photos this week and the ones I took at West Bromwich town hall on Thursday were a bit blurry because I took them with my phone. I did photograph Martin Parr on his birthday but didn’t get to speak to him. I did speak to a couple of photographers involved in the Blast Festival, though.

West Bromwich

Yes, I went to West Bromwich

Yes, I went to West Bromwich. I don’t get out of Wednesbury very often. I wasn’t quite down the dodgy end but when I left the town hall it certainly seemed like I was down the dodgy end. Maybe when the council replaces all the street lamps with LED bulbs it will look lighter at night and less threatening? They really need to do something about the people hanging about too. Wednesbury is just as bad these days, though. Drug dealing is common now at certain locations.

Townhall organ

I’ve forgotten the name of the piece played on the town hall organ but that was impressive. It launched the Blast Festival with a real fanfare. The evening was difficult for me because my limited mobility meant I had to sit down and enjoy the entertainment. Joe Elvis entertained us and he was quite good. It was different from the art exhibition previews I have been to in the past but it was the first festival preview I have been to. I prefer a more traditional approach with background music and conversation but it was a new experience.


I’ve been doing the creative challenges from 64 million artists and daily challenges from the Age of Creativity. I think some of the challenges haven’t really been thought out. Today’s challenge is to make a statue. “Draw or make your statue, or work with a photo.” How do you make a statue with a photo? The challenge is called, ‘a moment in time’. They should have left it at that including the word statue makes it harder and more restricted.

Art cards

I’ve been thinking about the photo for my next art card too. Today’s picture is Highfields House in West Bromwich. I think that would make a good art card but I’ll take another picture and get it sharper. My next one will be for Tipton, though, because I will need to sell some to finance the project. I’ve had enough of financing everything myself. I hope to take some photos of Mad O’Rourke’s Pie Factory soon and maybe pop in and look at the placemats that are part of the Blast festival.

Anyway, I have just thought about how I can do the Age of Creativity challenge. I think I needed a caffeine top-up to get my brain working. As usual, if you would like to subscribe just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts. Those links are also on my Facebook page.

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