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Zeitgeist – the spirit of our time #ramble

I know a few people who have lost loved ones recently and it is a painful experience. How are we supposed to get over such things and stop the pain of loss? I think there is a natural process that helps us heal and we shouldn’t create shrines to the one we lost. We should have the wake and then allow the wound to heal. Don’t keep picking at a wound, it will never heal. Of course, the scars of losing a loved one fade but they never disappear.



You’re probably wondering why I have included a picture of Morrison’s petrol station. One day this picture will be worth something. I took a picture of the Esso petrol station and that is no longer an Esso petrol station and so a picture of interest. This is a much better photo than the Esso one. I looked at the scene and knew it would be a good photo despite the dark skies. I was actually there to photograph the shops over the road but that was a more boring image.

Afternoon out

Yes, it’s Sunday so I’m planning an afternoon out taking photos. I have no idea where I’ll go. I am really into social media and so I post my images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to try to define what images people like and find a common denominator. Social media is interactive, people not only click like they also comment so it is a good measure of what the average person likes.  I want to exhibit my pictures, preferably somewhere where people will see them. If I can define what people really like first, then my exhibition will be more likely to be a success. So far, I have seen that they like nostalgia and sometimes they like to see themselves or their family in a picture. I need to photograph people more, preferably in an event setting. People expect to be photographed at the carnival but perhaps not so much when they are out shopping.


Zeitgeist is a rather fashionable word at the moment and it means the spirit of our time. What is shaping the zeitgeist now? I suppose, Brexit, Trump and crypto-currencies are components. Brexit is born out of a sense of nationalism which is driven by some deep-seated racism in our society. The racism is part of a problem where jealousy and envy drive prejudice against anyone who is different. I suppose England or Britain is a comfort zone for some people and they want no intruders and complete protective power over their domain. I’m a comfort zone person and my comfort zone is quite small. I don’t even like driving to West Bromwich, mind you, it is filled with those immigrants the nationalists don’t like. I mainly don’t like it because they made it deliberately car unfriendly. They welcome immigrants with multicultural signs in many languages but try to work out the signs for a bloody bus-gate and you have to do it in 2 seconds.

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