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Zoom with two fingers? #ramble

2 fingers to zoom

I have figured out the way zoom on my touchpad works in Windows 10. Yes, us computer users have to start learning the smartphone actions. It could help me learn how to use the zoom on a smartphone, I suppose…

Sunday ramble

Yes, it’s Sunday morning and I’m rambling again. I have a few things on my mind besides the Windows 10 ‘apps’. Incidentally, apps is an abbreviation for applications made popular by Apple which confused people because they thought the app was short for a thingy that worked on Apples. Now Microsoft has adopted the same daft terminology. Computers even have an aeroplane mode now, whatever that is…


I have had to learn all about SEO which is an acronym for search engine optimisation. I need to come up with a key-word for this blog post that the search engines with pick up and so understand what I’m on about.

Scroll and Zoom

I thought I had figured this two finger scroll and zoom out, but it seems to work sometimes and not other times. I have found if I move two fingers up and down on Live Writer, I scroll. The same action on Photo gallery makes the screen zoom. To be honest, I thought zoom was turned off.

Community Photo-blogger

Anyway, the community photo-blogger in me has decided to zoom up to West Bromwich this afternoon to the open day of the Great Barr Photographic Society. That could be interesting, they might even know what they’re doing and I can pick up a few tips and take photos for my blog!


There was a list on Facebook of 26 questions from A to Z  that I was supposed to answer and then copy/paste for others to answer. The A question was age. Facebook tends to avoid our natural tendency to discriminate on age and appearance. There is a nice equality about Facebook, you can still post something interesting even if you’re old and ugly and gain recognition. This is the main plus factor for me, I’m not about to spoil it all by broadcasting my age to the bloody world am I? Everybody thinks I’m a spotty teenager, I can’t tell them I’m passed my sell-by date and my arthritis is playing up…


The US congress passed some strange resolution about magic this week. It seems they believe in it. I did a bit of black magic this week, sticking pins in an IDS doll. It worked…

So called, magic is just an illusion, just like my Facebook persona and David Cameron’s claim to have been educated at Eton. I know he  went to Eton, yes…


I’ve decided on my SEO keyword, I think I might use zoom. Now I have to decide what to have to lunch and which lens to use this afternoon, a prime lens or a zoom lens!

Back in my youth, Britain went popular music crazy with iconic bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones taking the world by storm. It was a very creative time and so I become interested in art and music. It features heavily on my Facebook page. I’m trying to give the fans a bit of different music to listen to from Mozart to techno and art that varies from Chinese art from the Ming dynasty to the pop art of Andy Warhol. I’ve been comparing the Chinese art to Art Nouveau this week. It’s interesting to compare music too. If you listen carefully to Chopin’s funeral March, the tempo changes in the middle and it sounds remarkably like ‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas’.

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